Everything You Need to Know About the Very Basics of Nail Care

By: Noor Dawood

I spent most of my elementary school and my whole middle school years having severe nail biting habits. Giving up on that habit wasn’t as easy as people make it seem.

“Just stop biting your nails!”

Well, I can’t. I’m just an anxious kid; so whether I bite my nails or bite your head off, not your business.

How I got over that habit:

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve tried to stop biting my nails I would be a billionaire. Well, not really, but I would own like 7-10 dollars.

That last time I  tried – which has thankfully succeeded – I didn’t use any type of product to strengthen my nails, at all. The only motive i had was that i was sick of living my life clenching my hand into a fist so I’d hide my -non existent- nails that I hated so bad.

I used very simple motivational techniques, I bought a lot of nail polish, I put them on my desk and every time I felt like giving up, I painted my nails and asked myself:  “is that how I want my nails to look like?” “Does this look satisfying?” and the answer was always no, until a time came when I didn’t feel the urge to bite on them, when I was too distracted by which color I’m gonna paint my nails next.


How to take care of your nails:

1- Don’t buff them

   The no. 1 rule, please don’t buff your nails, you’re literally just taking layers off your nails and that makes them weaker and more breakable.


2- Jojoba oil

   Jojoba oil is the best thing that can happen to your nails, hydration, strengthening, it does wonders.


3- Cut down on the acrylics

   Acrylics look pretty tempting, but they are your nails’ worst enemy; everything during the process of building and removing them damages your nails.


4- Clean your nails frequently

   Nails are very much subjected to germs and microbes throughout the day; place a small soft brush on your sink and clean your nails regularly.


5- There’s nothing wrong with yellow nails.

   If your nails are a bit yellow; its either because that’s just its natural color, or because you’ve been using nail polish a lot without using a base coat that it’s pigments have made your nails a bit yellow. There’s nothing wrong with them, they’re still healthy and they’re still getting the same nutrition. Don’t try to bleach them, though; any kind of bleach/whitener will


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