You Kinda, Should, Need to Dump Your “Ragel” Boyfriend – Like, Now

By: Maram Faragllah

No shade on manhood here, we’re just saying why you need to dump a guy who in another word, controls you?


Firstly, he doesn’t respect you.

If he thinks he can control you and you’re supposed to submit, then there’s no respect in the relationship. He’s treating you as an object that he can control however he likes and you’re bound to agree.

Also that means he doesn’t respect women in general and puts them below men and considers them bound to the orders of their “superiors” in that case the man in their lives.


He doesn’t give you the same power.

This just reminds me of guys who prohibit their girls from talking to other guys and he has a thousand girls to talk to all the time. Or when she talks to a guy, he has to see the conversation. This is sick. There are two reasons guys do that.

  1. He doesn’t trust his girlfriend
  2. He thinks all guys view women sexually (much like he probably does), and he owns or is in possession of “his” own woman.


Inequality in a relationship.

You aren’t equal. While he can put restrictions on you and how you present yourself to society includes: how to dress, your social behavior and pleasurable events, you can’t control his because he’s the “ragel” and you’re the woman. Shortly you’re beneath him.



Someone before wrote “Controlling is mental abuse” and I couldn’t agree more. Someone is controlling your life to the way they see fit.

  1. You have to appease to their wishes all the time
  2. They control where you go, when and why.
  3. They stalk you (keep an eye on everything you do)
  4. They try to sabotage your friendships
  5. Don’t respect personal boundaries
  6. Get extremely jealous over “other men” and you’re not allowed to tell him to stop his relationships with other women because oh my God, “You don’t trust him?”
  7. They want to be involved in all your decision-making
  8. They are emotionally or psychologically manipulative.
  9. At the end they justify “it’s all just love”


It will get worse

If I slapped you and you said nothing about it,  would I slap you again?

Yes, I would.

When you don’t take a reaction to abuse, the person in front of you would keep doing it because he knows you’ll still be with him. This just reminds me of women saying “I keep on forgiving him and he still cheats. Why?” Oh woman the answer is he knows you’ll forgive him and that you’ll still be with him when he does it so he’d keep on doing it.

Same goes for physical abuse and mental abuse. It’ll keep on getting worse because you allowed it to happen and you accepted it. And controlling could turn to humiliation, yelling and emotional abuse too.


He doesn’t believe in the capability of your mind

Controlling is for children, who can’t take decisions for themselves. If he controls you then he doesn’t believe in your capability to make choices. Or to drive your life. Maybe he thinks you’re stupid or something or it’s a sexist thing and he believes that generally women are less intelligent than men, but in all those cases, he doesn’t respect your mind.


If you’re in this type of relationship, you need to run as soon as possible. Seriously you can’t lock yourself in this type of abuse because you “love” him.

Also this is not love. I would rather call it “7ob tamalok” or he loves owning you. He likes to have a woman he can control or abuse and she’ll still be with him despite all. (If you didn’t figure out, controlling means the person is sick)

Just run…………


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