How to Turn Your Social Media Addiction Into a Drive for Growth

By: Hadeel 

The device you’re holding right now is capable of a lot of things, but those things are determined and controlled by you. What you download, who you follow, what you watch, and what you like are all contained in one small device. But not everything is that easy. Even though you are the owner, you are also being controlled- not only by this device, but also by your decisions.

Letting go of toxic people is hard. Especially if you see these people regularly in your life. I won’t say unfollowing is the same as letting go, but it’s part of the process of breaking those chains. All you need to do is click on their account, take a deep breath, click the unfollow button, and exhale. You’ll probably freak out and ask yourself multiple question, which in this case all I can tell you is that I’m very proud of you for taking this big step into making your life healthier and letting go, and that you are very brave for picking yourself and your sanity over someone who’s toxic. If unfollowing someone is difficult thing for you to do I’m not going to pressure you to do it, but I’m going to advise you to mute that person.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’m thankful Instagram created the mute button instead of blocking or unfollowing that person. Now all you have to do is click those three dots, then the mute button and literally nothing will change, except you won’t see their posts or stories on your feed (you can also mute one of them and see the other), but you will still be able to seem their photos if you click on their account. They won’t know that you muted them and they won’t lose followers. Or you know you can just block or unfollow if it’s easier.

The types of toxic people that you should be unfollowing or blocking are people who stop you from doing what you like. Afraid to like a picture in case they’ll see, afraid to comment on a post in case they’ll see, and afraid to follow someone in case they’ll see are all reasons why you should stop following that person. You should be able to like, comment, and follow whatever and whoever you like. You shouldn’t be nervous about using social media. You should be able to express yourself on social media if you aren’t able in real life. You shouldn’t let people limit your abilities and hobbies.

When you have finally let go of those toxic people, you’ll have to start following your passions. If you like poetry follow poets, if you like art follow artists, and if you like music follow singers/bands. Follow sports players, follow meme pages, follow human rights pages, follow feminism pages, hell, follow porn accounts if that’s what you like. Follow whatever makes you feel good, follow your hobbies and your dreams. Don’t let a bunch of people who you’ll probably not see again in 2 or 3 years control your life.

Let go of the chains that keep dragging you down. Let go of the ties that keep holding you in place. Let go of the people who make you think twice about your every move and finally let go of the past that’s been keeping you up and making you question your worth. Only once you’ve done that you’ll feel so much relief and will start to think differently- not only about life, but also about yourself.


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