Here’s Why You ARE Good Enough

By: Hadeel

We are all flawed creatures but that doesn’t lessen our worthiness. That doesn’t change the fact that you ARE important. That you matter. That no matter how you think about yourself- you are still good enough. Never let anyone make you think anything other than that; not even yourself.

Feeling as if you’re worthless has became a normal thing to feel now. Feeling as if you don’t belong and that you are so invisible to the point where you have no worth has become the norm. Watching everyone go on with their lives, while wondering what you did wrong. Feeling like the only way to drown your sorrows is with putting yourself down and joking about your pain. Maybe then people will think you’re okay. Maybe then people will turn a blind eye towards your agony. Maybe then they’ll like you enough to think you’re worthy. Or maybe not.

Never put yourself down to make people around you feel better. Never try to cloak your sadness- trust me it won’t work. You’ll eventually break down and wonder where you’ve gone wrong again. It’s an endless cycle which unfortunately won’t end anytime soon. Not until you realize your worth and stop depending on people to verify it. Not until you start to love yourself will you finally feel at ease with your agony, and no, your agony won’t disappear, but you’ll be finally able to be at peace with it. Once you notice that after all these years, not only have people wronged you, but you’ve also wronged yourself, you will finally be able to change and move forward. Only when you admit that you’re wrong and that you’re good enough.

You’re good enough. You’re important. No matter your flaws- if you are a decent human being, then you matter. Being a decent human being is simple. Being kind to everyone, and treating everyone with the treatment they deserve, that treatment is based on two things – respect and compassion. 

But if you’re the type of person who makes people feel like shit, just because they don’t feel the same way you do or are different than you, then all I’m going to tell you is that you’re not the victim in this situation. Stop victimizing yourself.  If you make no effort in changing and feel as if you are the victim then news flash! You’re not. If you use the excuse “Oh they treat me in a bad way so I’m making them feel worthless” or if you feel as if just because you’re sad then everyone should feel sad, then you’re contradicting yourself. You feel worthless so you project your anger onto others which is not acceptable. Your friends or classmates aren’t your parents they’re not forced to deal with your bullshit. They are here to support you and make you feel better, but if you keep projecting your self hatred and anger onto them, no one would want to put up with you anymore. And I’m not saying this as a way to make you feel bad, no, in fact I’m saying this so I can wake you up. Make you realize that you still have the opportunity to change. Make you realize that you are wrong and can still make up for your mistake.

But this doesn’t mean you’re not worthy. Worthy of helping, worthy of saving, and worthy of love. You are and this is exactly why I’m writing this. To let everyone know, that they’re worthy of help and love. That if you need help, speak up. Never silence yourself for others’ benefit. Never let anyone stop your growth. Never let anyone belittle your dreams and hopes. We all have the right to hope and achieve our dreams. We all have the right to have goals and conquer them. It’s our basic human right. No matter the colour of our skin, our nationality, our sexuality, or gender we all have the right to feel worthy and loved.


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