Considering Uni Abroad? Here Are Some Things You Need to Think About First

By: Kanzy Nada

Hold on, before packing your bags and hoping on a plane there are some things that YOU NEED TO KNOW before even considering uni abroad, besides tucking in your seat belts. Safety.First.

  1. Doctor? Business man? Magician?

Figuring out your desired discipline is like the most important thing because once you figure out what you want to study, you’ll probably already figure out which country will offer you the best course to feed your hungry for knowledge self, in this certain field of expertise.

The most popular countries that’ll offer better discipline in certain fields are:

-Finance in France

-Economics and Mechanics in Germany

-Marketing in Spain

-Health Sciences in the US.

-Public Health in the UK.

But that definitely doesn’t mean that just because a certain country is better known for something, that it doesn’t offer other courses. You can find everything anywhere in the world but some are just better than others at certain things.


2-Money, Money and Money.

The costs of studying abroad are HUGE, and unless your parents are multi-millionaires, you’ll either need to look for an affordable college or just work your butt off to get a scholarship. Also another thing you need to consider is the costs of accommodation -if you are not going to live on the school campus- and the expenses of your everyday life. Some countries are very expensive, so you’ll need to look for a country with affordable living expenses and then choose a city which is also not that expensive.

Story time:

My friend and I once looked up the prices of grocery items in Germany and we found out the prices of tomatoes and milk, I know this is so random, but like you need to be fully aware of every and anything you’ll buy, because milk may seem insignificant to us here but when you are all alone in a new world, trust me milk is the only choice.


3- YOU’RE A GIRL *rolls eyes*

So this one is just for us girls.

I know this should have been the first point I mention but I didn’t want to bring you down before we even start. If you are a girl, chances are your parents won’t agree.


Do I even need to explain? Nowadays, I am always hearing about mothers talking proudly about how they sent their sons to study abroad. Hello? There’s a left-out gender here begging for equality. This is education; so I don’t see what could possibly prevent a parent from sending their daughters or even their sons abroad – provided that they could afford it- for a better studying opportunity.


4- Introverts, You’re going to suffer.

I bet you already had difficulties making friends in your country, imagine what you’re going to go through in a literally new dimension. You better prepare yourself for this a long time before going there because even extroverts will take time to adapt. And about introverts who have social anxiety? Come sit beside me, we’re going to suffer together mate. Enough negativity I’m sorry, but okay okay, really though it will hard adapting to this whole new world of undiscovered fantasies, begging for you to discover them.

To do so you will need to make foreign friends so that you’ll find help if you are ever in need.



5- Je ne sais pas shit.

And if you didn’t know what that means you’re going to have a hard time if you went to France. Languages are the main form of verbal communication and to not be able to easily communicate with people is frustrating. Frustration leads to stress, stress leads to depression, depression lead to not studying-which is the reason you’re even there- not studying leads to failing, failing leads to getting kicked back to your country which is absolutely not what we’re aiming for. To avoid all this mayhem, simply choose an English speaking country or if you’re up for a challenge, learn a new language and go conquer the world.


6- Arabs? Terrorists! We’re doomed!

People still surprise me with how delusional they tend to be sometimes.

It’s like we’re all labeled as terrorists. I’m not going to get deep in such topics but my point is that some racist people will discriminate against you. How you deal with it?Completely ignoring their stupid comments because your peace of mind is much more valuable. If you let such things get to you, you’ll be stressed which then leads to depression, and depression leads to… shall I keep going? I bet you already know what’ll come at the end.

*kick* back to home sweet home.


That’s a wrap I guess, keep in mind that if you really want to study abroad none of these will be an obstacle in your way. It’s hard but not impossible and dreams do come true after all.


If you don’t know what that means, you’ll probably suffer if you went to either Italy or Spain, I don’t remember.


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