The Perfect Body-Centric Self Care Hour Program for Maximum Relaxation

By: Hanya Tarek

Since it’s November and assessments are flying everywhere causing stress, breakouts, and sleepless nights, I decided to write an article about self-care! Did you honestly expect anything else from me? Though this time this is a full body self-care!

You need to understand that you are worthy of a break and that it’s okay to just stop and put all your obligations aside when you reach your breaking point. It is not reckless or selfish of you, it is absolutely fine to treat yourself and your body. Your body is a living thing not a machine. Your mentality, emotion, and body are all worthy and deserving of the care, so give it that.


I’d recommend by starting to clean up your bathroom and put everything that might connect you to the outside world aside. Anything that might make you feel stressed or uncomfortable; whether it’s laundry, detergent, a mop, or your clothes. Then put on your bathrobe and grab everything you’ll need.

That will consist of:-

  • Face wash.
  • Face and body exfoliator.
  • Toner.
  • Moisturiser.
  • Face Mask.
  • Bath bomb/Bath salt/Bath soap.
  • Candles.
  • Music.
  • Cold drinking water.
  • Healthy snack.

Yes, grab a snack we’re going all out. And of course all the products should cater to your specific skin-type, don’t forget about that. If you would like to light some scented candles for aroma therapy or have soft music in the background then do just that, don’t hold yourself back from anything!


As soon as you’ve set everything start examining your skin and see what it needs. If you feel oily and want extractions then opt for a peel off face mask to extract all the blackheads, whiteheads, and general acne. If you feel dry then go for a moisturising mask. There’s so much you can choose from so just grab your favourite!

Block your sink and turn on the hot water and allow the steam to hit your face; that will open up your pores to insure a deep cleanse and to literally suck all the dirt and impurities from your skin.

First, gently wash your face with the cleanser in circular motions and then rinse with the water you blocked in the sink. I really recommend a double cleanse if you have oily skin, but please refrain from doing so if your skin is dry and tight!

Next, start with exfoliating your face going down to your neck and chest in circular motions for the next 3 minutes of so. Work on removing all the dead cells and increasing the blood circulation, don’t forget your lips too! Oh, and after you rinse your face might look red; don’t panic that’s okay. What’s happening is that the vigorous rubbing makes the blood flow to your face better, just be careful and don’t be too rough- know your limits.

After that, start applying your mask and give your arms a rest. Block your bath and fill it with hot water and sit, sip your water, plop something into your mouth and focus on the sound of the calming water filling your bathtub. Imagine the ocean or a calm raining forest and when it’s time remove the mask and apply your toner. The toner will remove any excess dirt or oils while balancing your pH.

When you’re done, hop into the water And add anything you may want to add. That is not necessary though, the water alone is just as relaxing. Simply lay in the water for a couple of minutes and when you feel like it start exfoliating your body. Be slow and keen to remove any dead skin on every part of it; your body deserves that after all you’ve put it through.

Wash your hair and after your done just lay there and start making a mental list of everything you’re grateful for. Often times we forget about our blessings and we only think about the negatives in our lives. I want you to remember that there is always something to be thankful for; that there’s something worth living and fighting for.


Only when you feel calm and content, get out of the bath and drain the water in the tub. Dry your body and put your hair in a bun after brushing it. Grab your moisturiser and massage that into your face, neck, and entire body. Allow yourself to feel like a Queen or King as you do that.


Remember your worth and never over work yourself. You are a breathing thing  capable of so much even if you might not see it at times. When you’re anxious or sad take a moment to breathe and rest- it will all be fine. Everything will work itself out. Study, work hard, sweat, and achieve. But treat yourself and relax- breathe.

You deserve the love you so freely keep giving to everyone else.


I hope to see you next time at your best. Sending love your way! May you always feel blessed and content.


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