Here’s When You Should Take a Leap of Faith

By: Hagar Ibrahim

Leap of Faith (n.): an act of believing in or attempting something whose existence or outcome cannot be proved or known.” . Leap of faith, a reckless jump that can leave you broken into a million pieces or lying on a bed of roses. Have you ever been in a situation where you just wanted to risk it all to get this one thing you’ve always wanted? Thinking, is it even worth it?


Throughout our years of wild adolescence we tend to take multiple leaps of faith. Whether you’re dating a person you shouldn’t be dating or you’re telling your friend what you heard while her “best friend” was on the phone, or even coming out to the most homophobic people ever who might be your parents by chance, it all feels the same during the leap. Your heart is constantly racing,you’re thinking about it all the time, you weigh your pros and cons and there is not definite answer!


Having been in said situation over a hundred times, I’ve gathered my trail of thoughts and jotted it down in the form of a “how to” list, enjoy.

  1. The 5 rule.

I also believed in the YOLO notion and that we only have one life might as well have fun in it. But no. Life’s pace changes over time. You might be stuck in traffic and the thought that you told that guy that you liked him only after 4 hours of meeting him will haunt you forever. Consequently, I tend to ask myself a series of questions containing the number 5.

Is it going to matter in 5 minutes?

Is it going to matter in 5 days?

Is it going to be as special in 5 weeks?

Is it going to be there in 5 months?

If most of your answers are yeses, I guess someone has an answer.


  1. Do your friends support you?

Your friends know all your sides, they know how you’ll react and how you’ll perceive the situation. If your friends are totally against the situation you’re facing, then this is a red flag. It’s either they know of that person’s history or know that that person is going to harm you at the end.


  1. See if they’re actually worth it!
    Each and every person’s definition of a douchebag differs. If there are more than 3 red flags, know that they’re not even worth the while. You can always to the pros and cons chart as well.


4.How do they make you feel?

I like to give this a scale out of ten. When you’re with them, do you feel like a 7 or a 12? This to me, matters the most. You don’t need people who put you down and burn your fire out. You don’t need someone who is not as into you as you are into them.


5.Are they sacrificing too?

People who are used to people sacrificing their lives for them are no good. You might give up a lot just to be with someone or in a certain situation, and turns out that person will be selfish and will expect you to do something you’re not obliged to do.


Don’t be too afraid, your pains are lessons.




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