Broken Arms

By: Hanna Haitham

i was a mangled mess of hopes and dreams
slowly ripping at the seams
you were a mess of what you used to be
dying inside, wishing to be free
when we collided so did our scars
our hearts playing a tug of war
we take from each other just to heal
all while wishing to be free
you ripped my pieces – i did too
seeking a way to be close to you
we killed each other, meant no harm
sought solace in eachother’s broken arms
thought two halves made a whole
because we didn’t know better than we were told
pieces scattered
hearts were dying
it turned into a battle
but we weren’t trying
we wanted a place with no consequences
somewhere to let down our defenses
the story ends like how it begins
both of us broken, neither of us win
trust me we meant no harm
when we sought safety in broken arms

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