Here’s Why Your Partner Has (or Could) Cheat(ed) on You

By: Rawan Khalil 

The phenomenon of cheating- it’s spreading like a plague, a glorified one that is. People are choosing to be in toxic relationships, they’re choosing to hurt the people around them and more specifically their partners. We are living in a world where toxicity in relationships is prevalent while healthy relationships are rare and uncommon. But did you ever dig deeper than the façade of the phenomenon? Did you ever look into the reasons why boys and girls choose to cheat? Here are just some of the reasons why people choose to cheat.



This happens in the heat of the moment. It can either be done by people of two mentalities. The first mentality being: regretful and the second being: proud. It happens because one of the partners finds themselves in a position where they could, due to no constraints. It usually very physical with no strings attached. If we follow the first mentality the person would be regretful of the action as a result of it being in the heat of the moment, they’d regret betraying their partner’s trust. The second mentality, however, chooses to take the opportunity without regret but instead triumph.



Polyamory: the ability to love more than one person at the same time. Sometimes seen as the practice of/desire for intimate relationships with more than one partner with the knowledge of all partners involved.

This isn’t the most popular opinion, and definitely not the most encouraged belief. Maybe I’m wrong about this and maybe polyamory isn’t everyone’s nature, but does that mean we have the full right and entitlement to fully deny its existence, to deny that maybe just maybe polyamory, and the ability to love more than one person at the same time, is in fact possible.

Polyamory is not really explored by science or by people, and as it’s something which is not explored it’s labeled as wrong, thus everyone avoids talking about it. However, doesn’t it sound like a logical reason to cheat- that maybe, subconsciously, you love two people, that maybe you’re desiring a polymeric relationship but due to social constraints and objections by society a person will fear rejection by their one partner who they may love just as much, and that’s when they choose the easier, less headache-y solution: cheating. I mean of course, it’s not an excuse because in a polymeric relationship all partners in the relationship know and accept the status.



Situations which make us feel anxious or bring about any forms of discomfort are despised by us humans. Confrontation is the sole definition of discomfort and that’s why not only do we hate it, but we dread it and we try to avoid it at all costs. A person who’s in a relationship might find themselves in a position where they no longer have feelings towards their partner, but instead of confrontation and telling them the truth about how their feelings have faded they choose the seemingly “easier” and “less complicated” route, not keeping in mind the consequences of such an action- from hurting their partner to possibly getting their partner more attached to them.



A person who cheats can cheat due to greed, they have enough to satisfy them, however, they seek more weather it’s sexual pleasure, emotional support and validation or even just person who is willing to listen and give them love and compassion. They just want more than what they already have and so they choose to cheat so they can get more. It’s also selfishness as they’re refusing to let what they have to, they’re choosing themselves as well as two or more other people to satisfy their inner desires.


These reasons are just insights to why people choose to cheat, however, they’re not excuses to validate the choice of betraying one’s partner.

2 thoughts on “Here’s Why Your Partner Has (or Could) Cheat(ed) on You

  1. My partner cheated on me 7 months ago, it still haunts me to this day..
    Ever since then, I’ve lost about 20 kilos due to depression and eating disorder, I suffer from lack of sleep, my education has been going downhill and it’s hard enough being an engineer as it is.
    I’ve always been the positive type of guy who trusted people and looked at the bright side of life, but damn do these situations change you.
    All I’m trying to say is, please be careful with other people’s hearts, they might be more fragile than you ever expected them to be.


    1. hello, thank you so much for being so brave and sharing this, but please look out for yourself, your partner does not define you nor does the relationship you had. You’re way more than that. Please try to do what is best for you- you tormenting yourself by not eating and not sleeping is fueling no one!


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