We’re 48 Years Away From an Environmental Apocalypse, Here’s What You Can Do to Stop It

By: Malak Khaled

Bob Brown-an Australian environmentalist,politician and one of the founders of the Australian greens-once said “The future will either be green or not at all.” And unfortunately its looking like its going to be not at all.

All of the environmental issues that we are currently facing-and have been facing for over a century now- is no more than a blame game for most people. Now whilst most people bitch about it,least do we know its us that is responsible for this abomination. All of the issues originate back to us and the choices that we make as human beings. We’ve been reckless and irresponsible for way too long now and that needs to end immediately.

Here’s a riddle; most people are aware of it, but nobody really makes much of an effort to overcome it-thats right,you guessed it. Pollution.

More than half of the population of Earth are aware of the consequences of pollution,yet aren’t prepared to face them.

Pollution is like bodies,it comes in all types.

You might be familiar with water and air pollution but there are other types too believe it or not,such as soil pollution,radioactive pollution,light pollution and even noise pollution too. Now sadly these types aren’t discussed as often nor do we really talk about regular pollution period,its also a very revolting thing to refer to it as “regular” pollution basically stating that its completely normal to pollute the environment and thats obviously in of itself not acceptable. Pollution is a real issue and no matter how much we’ve done we still somehow mange to end up back again at square one. Our water is being polluted daily not only by acid rain-and yes acid rain is our fault too,oil spills and ocean dumping. About 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage,stormwater and industrial waste are dumped into US water alone,imagine how much is dumped globally.

Another catalyst-emphasis on catalyst-that is absolutely destroying and demolishing our environment entirely.


Where do i start? We as human beings always over use everything even if we don’t really necessarily need it,one of these things is plastic.

Plastic has made a huge contribution to global warming and environmental disasters worldwide. You as a person use plastic daily more than you’re even aware of. The most item thats plastic that you use daily is your toothbrush. You’ve probably never thought about this,but what ever happens to our toothbrushes when we throw them out and when we no longer use them or when we replace them? They don’t get recycled,in fact most of the plastic thats in the recycling bin doesn’t get recycled only 21% of plastic does.

You might wonder,well what about the other 79%? Well, its being accumulated in landfills or just laying around in the natural environment and habitats of animals as we speak-not to mention obviously water worldwide.

Another thing that is also destroying our world is climate change. Today its occurring rather rapidly due to us-human beings-and our irresponsible actions. Climate change is also because of global warming which is a gradual increase of temperature attributed to the green house effect. During the past couple of decades the accumulation of the green house gasses have increased rapidly which means more heat and less gas for us,and not to mention of course the diseases and infections that can be spread due to this issue.

Something that we are facing thats as well a bit difficult to tackle would be overpopulation. To be honest with you,its a never ending human tragedy. It’s responsible for so many environmental issues including deforestation. With the population increasing rapidly,the demand for food,shelter,schools..etc will obviously increase as well. The long term effects of this would be climate imbalance,increase in global warming and wildlife extinction of course. If you haven’t noticed already its a pattern,everything has an impact,everything affects everything,and honestly thats kind of a scary thought to think that i might have a 20% chance to die of lung cancer-or any other illness-more than the average person due to another ones recklessness.

Ways to tackle these issues would be to use alternative energy such as solar energy,natural gas,wind energy and so on instead of electric energy as the electric energy has a variety of fuels to generate the electricity-obviously-that fuel is fossil fuel,and it has a huge negative impact on our environment,so instead of using an electric lamp while studying you can use a solar lamp and satellites television. Another thing that you can do is going zero waste meaning trying to not make any trash and to eliminate as much plastic from your life as humanly possible,you can do that by replacing plastic with stainless steel boxes to pack your lunch for school or work,aluminum-because aluminum actually gets recycled-glass and so on,and using an electric toothbrush instead of a plastic one-yes it is more pricey definitely but honestly worth every penny. Also using a reusable glass straws instead of regular plastic straws at Starbucks or anywhere that offers plastic straws,using metal utensils instead of plastic ones in public,you can do this by taking your utensils and straws with you-yes it’ll be a bit annoying,but these few hours of your day carrying these annoying items will prevent the earth from complete destruction. Overpopulation its a bit difficult because you can’t really stop someone from wanting a big family but you can promote family planning and educating young men and woman about sex and using contraception,building cities on unused lands and/or deserts instead of forests causing deforestation. How to tackle deforestation? Go paperless. Going paperless isn’t going to end the issue entirely but it is a good start. For education students can replace paper with tablets or computers but obviously this wont work for everybody because unfortunately not everybody can afford to make these expensive purchases so they will have to be given free of charge from the government. Plant more trees-yes its as easy as that! The more trees you plant the more carbon dioxide it takes in and the more oxygen it gives out,benefiting and helping us by giving us more breathable air.

Try to make a change,try to be the change and don’t just recycle try to reduce your intake too.

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