Uncage Your Emotions, They’re Not Meant to Be Locked Away

By: Rawan Khalil

All of us have wings, some of us learn how to use those wings and some of us don’t. At first, we fail and fall, then attempt again and fall again and again but the product of that is that we become better, not only that but we get a better hang of what our wings are really made of, we don’t only learn to use them but we learn what they are, what they’re made of. We support them as much as they support us, just by acknowledging their presence and allowing ourselves to use them.

Here is the thing about emotions. We don’t all acknowledge their presence. We don’t all allow ourselves to feel them. We don’t allow ourselves to connect to them. We close our eyes and sit in a corner and cry, never once asking ourselves if we are crying because it hurts or if we are crying because we do not know why it hurts. We never take a look at our hearts and ask them why they’re aching we just go with the flow and accept that they’re aching.

Emotions are wild; happiness and sadness being the most basic forms them, but really it’s a long ass spectrum where a lot of different things fit, happiness can go beyond that ground state. It can become so exotic that we cannot even find a word to describe.

Our emotions are very hard to put into words, are very hard to vocalize, to tackle down and understand, and the reason for that is: we cage them. We handcuff them, tie them up, mute them, and promise ourselves not to show them. We strip ourselves of what makes us human, of what moulds are humanity and our beauty. Sadly, it we believe that it’s so shaming to have other people know what we feel, and the downside of that is: we ourselves end up not feeling.

Did you ever listen to someone sing a song, and felt how raw and emotional their voice gets to the point that you feel that they’re so connected and anchored to the music and so disconnected from everything else, and thought wow that is truly beautiful. But, did you ask yourself why is it beautiful? Or did you ever listen to someone give a speech or recite a poem so beautifully that you got goosebumps, and felt chills, and maybe had tears in your eyes. Did you ask yourself why?

The reason is you connected, subconsciously, your feelings were not only yours, because the experiences of other people were similar to yours and that made you feel.

What about, you take it into your own hands, and attempt to make yourself feel?

As in if you find something funny laugh from your heart, laugh to the point that you can’t breathe, laugh to the point that you have tears in your eyes. If you’re having fun, go wild. Don’t hold back, because you should, uncage the inner beast in you.

If you’re upset talk to someone. Ask yourself why? What hurts so much? What is making me ache so much? Find ways to feel better- yes, but don’t ignore the pain! Don’t bury the sorrow, because the things that hurt will add up and you will reach a point where you do not know how to deal with them. Allow yourself to cry. It is not a weakness. It’s strength. You’re courageous if you allow yourself to feel- because it’s scary.

Accept your anger, but don’t let it out on other people. Understand your anger and confront it within yourself that should calm you down.

Stop putting everything you feel in a cage. Speak up. Talk more. We are so restricted in the world we live in today, there are so many boundaries, red lines and chains and this is one thing which we can really control and the best option we have is to keep it on our side, make your emotions your weapon, shield and wings and you will fly higher than ever before.


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