The Reason We All Love Music So Much is Because It’s an Actual Lifeline

By: Malak Khaled

What does music mean to you?

No matter who you ask, every answer will vary from one to another. My answer though? Would have to be “energy”. Yes, to me, music is energy.

Music is one of the most powerful sources of energy in my personal point of view. It can be your armor. It can stabilize you – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially, and physically in different ways.

Something that not everyone is knowledgeable about is music therapy.

Basically, music therapy is the use of music to improve health and functional outcomes, it’s a creative arts therapy that helps a lot of people. Music therapy – surprisingly enough –  is actually mainly used for the improvement of physical illness, disabilities, chronic pain, substance abuse and even brain injuries, but that doesn’t mean that music therapy doesn’t provide emotional healing as well. In fact, it also helps in developing a positive image of the self and aid in stressful and painful situations.

Music is an incredibly healthy emotional outlet to express your emotions when you’re having a hard time, especially when struggling to express yourself. Some may find strength in music as it offers hope and faith but it also can help you escape the reality that is your life. In all honesty, life is filed with numerous obstacles that we have to overcome at one point or another and nobody’s life is perfect. We all go through the same shit everyday and that’s normal, and believe it or not music does help us to tackle these obstacles. Whether it’s a lyric in a song or the song itself, be it the beat or the overall holistic vibe, it can guide you emotionally and mentally to a better place.

We all say that we can’t live without music, but can music actually save your life? Well, it’s a personal and cultural art form, though like I’ve said previously: music can be used in therapy to rehabilitate your mind and restore your memory after suffering with serious brain damage, studies also showed that pop and cheerful music can help people battling with depression and anxiety while punk rock and metal can help you deal with anger and frustration. Music can be outspoken and sometimes it can find the words that have been missing from your tongue all along. Music might make you feel things that you were never even mindful of or familiar with. This, the beats, the words, the vibes, the energies, all that music is – is much more than just a put together mess. This can be your guidance through darkness and your light to inner strength. I think music can rescue you from a lot of things, but it can’t save you from yourself.

Now, what does music mean to you?

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