A Quick Guide to Saving Your Skin Through the Season Change

By: Renad Khaled

It’s that time of the year where the weather gets chilly, vibes become cozy and sadly, skin becomes dry(er). Me being the skin-care freak I am, ill be introducing you to some tips & tricks on how to keep your skin looking smooth and feeling soft throughout the seasonal transition. As you most probably know, our skin tends to become annoyingly dry at this time of the year, but with simple additions to your daily skin-care routine, you won’t have to deal with the struggle. All the tips & tricks ill be stating are most definitely for girls and guys, we all want good looking skin, am I right? Oh, one last disclaimer before we move on to the good stuff, your skin type doesn’t have to do anything with what I’ll be telling you, so if you have oily, combination, or dry skin, you’re very much welcomed here! Now let’s get on to it!


I can’t tell you how important this is. In this weather, using cold water will strip away the natural oils on your skin and remove each and every single bit of moisture. Your skin is probably struggling on it’s own, so no need to intensify the issue here.


Make sure to put on your moisturizer right after you cleanse your face. Applying moisturizer on damp skin will basically seal the deal. The dampness from the water will remain on your skin, keeping it moisturized until your next wash.


Make sure to check that your moisturizer is oil-based rather than water-based as it’s most likely to retain the moisture for a longer time. Please keep this tip in mind even if you have oily skin, the dryer your skin gets, the more oils it will produce so you’ll still end up with an oily forehead and blackheads on your nose. If you don’t wanna purchase another moisturizer you can easily modify yours to suit this tip.

  • Find a small empty container, making sure to clean it.
  • Empty some of your current moisturizer in the container.
  • Add a couple drops of a natural moisturizing oil such as Argan oil, Coconut oil, Lavender oil or Jojoba oil.
  • Mix your moisturizer with the oil of your choice and Voilà!

Yes. Exfoliate. Please.

Exfoliating weekly will remove the dead skin that has formed throughout the week, making your moisturizer seep in easily, therefore keeping your skin hydrated and clear!


Keeping a moisturizing agent on your skin overnight will give you the maximum result since you’re keeping your skin hydrated for (hopefully) 8+ hours.

Here are some DIY overnight moisturizers you can use:

  • Coconut and Tea Tree oil

Mix the two oils together and apply them all over your face making sure to massage them no less than two minutes, focusing on the driest areas. After massaging the oils, leave them on and drift off.

Coconut oil cleanses and hydrates the face while tea tree oil reduces all the dark spots on your face. Doing this two times a week will most definitely make a difference.

  • Olive oil

Apply some olive oil on a cotton pad and swipe it all over your skin, making sure to cover all your face. Leave it on overnight and you’ll wake up with exfoliated, nourished and hydrated skin. You can do this as often as you want.

  • Honey and Yogurt

Mix some honey and yogurt in a bowl then apply it gently to your face. Massage it in for about 3 minutes. For this specific remedy you can leave it on for 30 minuets or leave it on overnight. This mixture will reduce the pigmentations and keep your skin hydrated.


These are some products that i’ve used myself and i’m most definitely obsessed with most of them.

  • Biotique face lotion (you can purchase this face lotion and add the oil of your choice to it)
  • Yves Rocher Pure System toner (has aloa vera so it won’t dry out your skin like other toners)
  • The Body Shop Tea-tree oil
  • Laino cleansing and purifying gel (has no alcohol, so won’t remove all the natural oils)
  • Luna and Eva moisturizers

So that has to be it! I hope these tips were helpful and I wish you a winter full of moisturizers and oils!

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