How to Prepare for Telling Your Crush You Like Them

By: R

If you find yourself liking someone so much, you may feel the urge to go up to them and tell them. It’s a bold move which requires a lot of courage, not only because of the fear of the outcome but also because you’re literally putting your heart on your sleeves, you are not hiding behind any walls, or trying to give off signs in hope they notice- you’re straight up telling them. Arguably it is scary but it truly is not the end of the world- I understand it may seem like it is, but trust me on this one it isn’t.


If I am being extremely honest, there is no formula to how you can perfectly tell the person you like that you do but there are a few things that can ease you up while doing it, and a few things that you should keep in mind. You don’t have to stick to them, they’re just suggestion which may work for you and may not.


I will not tell you what to say and how to say it, because then I will really be playing you. I will be asking you to hide your individual self, to disguise yourself and that is the last thing you should do.




I think we people find it easier when we’re working towards something that is already planned. Like if you are going to give a speech any time this week is very vague and you will probably keep postponing it, but if you are told you have to give the speech on monday morning you will have everything prepped up for monday morning. So, really if you choose a week prior that you’re doing it on their birthday or a tuesday afternoon, you’re way more likely to achieve that goal then if you say: “oh I am probably going to end up telling him/her”.


Choose whether you want to do it over call, text, or in person. I, personally suggest you do it in person because it’s way more genuine and you can see exactly what the person is feeling by reading their facial expressions. Also, doing it in person will really make you feel the capacity of that moment.  (i don’t know does that make sense) However, not everyone has enough courage do that so you might choose one of the other two methods- which is okay as well.




As in, this is you putting your heart on your sleeves. You might get very emotional, and that is so normal. You might cry, or maybe have your voice crack and you should embrace that, and not think it’s embarrassing.




Don’t memorize a few lines and blurt them out, don’t overthink it too much. I do not think you want it to sound or seem like a performance, because it truly isn’t and it shouldn’t be. Make it an improvisation and I am pretty sure that would be way more raw, real and heart felt. Just really, go talk to them as you normally would but with a sprinkle of emotions.




If you want to go on a date with them tell them that you want to go on a date with them, If you’re doing it aiming to get into a relationship (if they’re interested) make that clear, or if you are doing it to get it off your chest you might as say that. You do not want it to sound like a loose end or a vague statement or even worse a hoax, you want them to understand why exactly you’re telling them that you like them at that exact moment and whether or not you expect anything out of it. Also, you can go on and say what you like about them, or what attracts you to them.




Not to let you down or anything, but I think nothing is worse than expecting so much then having all your fantasies crushed, so it really is smart to go in with low expectations, because no matter the outcome you will not feel crushed at the end and you will probably feel satisfied by the end of it, because for one you did that and for two, you got it off your chest.




If the person does not like you back, you can still be friends. Please don’t go on about being friendzoned and being so butthurt about it because no one owes anyone emotional attachments, and really whether you admit it to yourself or not you can move on and you will move on. DON’T force yourself to move on, but rather allow time to help you move on.


Well that’s a wrap. I hope it helps!


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