The Ironic Tales of the Girls with the Bushy Brows

By: Zeina El Mofty

  • Primary School • 2005 •
She had no friends and she knew it , it wasn’t as sad as it may sound to you though . She enjoyed her own company in a way she is now oblivious of . She figured she’d try to make a new friend , you know , for change. By that , she built up the courage to tell the most popular girl in class about her secret ,which was relatively a big deal back then – her crush. The adorable boy with blond hair and a tiny smile . Can you blame her? All kids used to base their opinions upon looks and shallow perspectives so her secret was very predictable. Still, she asked her new “friend” to pinky-promise her not to tell anyone.
The class’ teacher is out to get God knows what , the word travels and literally the whole class of tiny people are now singing out loud her secret and dancing along . She didn’t know why it was that joyful for them to expose her “ secret “ other than to embarrass her . The teacher renters the class with a confused look on her face , she asks the girl with the bushy brows what going on and why the rest are dancing .She answers with a very innocent “ I don’t know “ , even though she very much did.
  • Grade 2 • 2009 •
The girl with the bushy brows is heading to the play-area for the most exciting time of day -Break Time! She’s walking down the stairs with her only and best friend, eager to play the game they made up called “Giraffe” . Someone calls out their name and they pause. Two girls , both very pretty (relatively) , they tell the girl with the bushy brows to never again talk to her best friend, otherwise, they’re going to make all the class hate her (somehow). The girl with the bushy brows didn’t even flinch because she knows they can’t hurt her , but her best friend believes them, and leaves.
  • Grade 3 • 2010
It’s The first year ever that the school introduces Drama class . As planned initially, they were rehearsing for “ Sleeping Beauty “ . All the girls were assigned with very pretty roles . Her best friend’s Aurora the princess and the female lead , her other best friend’s the queen , and the girl with the bushy brows? She’s a frog. Correction: she was a frog . However, when she confronted her Drama teacher ( which obviously hates her or at least hates her brows) about how much she’d like to change her part, her teacher agreed with a smile and assigned her with another part : an old man. An old freaking MAN .
  • Grade 4 • 2011 •
Still the very chirpy person she is , the girl with the bushy brows sings the whole road-trip to Cairo with her older brother. Excited was the least you could say about how she felt as they were on their way to her first ever RoboCup . The day went exactly according to plan , she felt so achieved, so thankful . The day was almost perfect until her very own team mate made fun of her brows , said she should shave them . The day went downhill for her from there , even though her team won 3rd Place.
  • Grade 7 • 2014 •
The girl’s brows are not so bushy anymore. Actually, they are now on fleek and compliments on them keep flooding her till this very day.
  • Grade 8 • 2015 •
The girl has now realized how thankful she is for her Three very best friends , two of which are the two bullies from second grade who used to hate her guts but are now practically her sisters .
  • Grade 10 • 2017 •
She’s still got her best-friends who she now
Claims have been her best-friends since second grade (even though they used go bully her back then) but they just go with it .
She still gets compliments on her brows.
  • Grade 11 • early 2018 •
For her Third Ballet performance on stage, she’s going to dance as the Prima ( aka the lead role ), preforming the very classical, very popular role of Aurora , from The Sleeping Beauty.
  • Still Grade 11 • late 2018 •
Even though she gave on Robotics ever since the RoboCup in 2011 , she decided to get back on track by studying Computer Science and Advanced Level Mathematics .
  • Still Grade 11 • 12/10/2018 2:40 PM •
She is writing a few of her very ironic, very true tales of her past 16 years of being the happy bean she is as an application for a job she just knew about 2 hours ago .
Where any of these ironic twists a result of only the change of her brows’ shape? Probably not . Are they a factor? Maybe.

One thought on “The Ironic Tales of the Girls with the Bushy Brows

  1. habibty I’ve seen you a few times enty ma3aya f dars el maths and I wanna tell you how gorgeous you look and your eyebrows are amazing!!! I wish I had eyebrows as full as yours, I was bullied for mine too but with me it’s because they were mostly non existent😂 bgad dont let these people’s shallow opinions affect you you’re gorgeous no matter what they say


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