Emergency Period Kit for When Aunt Flo Decides to Surprise You

By: Fadila

If you haven’t realized already, I’m the queen of safety options, my motto in life is “better safe than sorry” – that doesn’t mean I don’t take risks though, because if we backtrack to a  year and a bit ago on this site, you’ll find stories of my rather illustrious fuck ups. Anyhow, not the point, the point is, when your endometrium is shedding and your streaming equal rivers of blood and tears down your cheeks and thighs respectively, in the middle of class or god forbid – a date, you panic. The horror of leaking through your somehow white pants (this is when you face palm and attempt to fuck yourself over for wearing white) is greater than probably facing off to – say – Voldemort. {Don’t ask, I have no clue what’s wrong with me, actually, it’s midterms – I think} So, I’ll stop rambling like an idiot now and present you with the most perfect emergency kit in the world.

The First 7 Items are a mini kit and probably everything you NEED, the rest, is my paranoid self’s contingency and/or luxury items.

1- Makeup Bag aka Period Kit

Obviously, you need somewhere to put your items, thus, find a pretty (and dark) makeup bag that’s around medium sized. Whether you choose to shove it in your locker, your car, or your backpack – is not the point – the point is, you have to be able to reach this at ANY point in time. Personally, I have a mini version in whatever bag I have and a normal version in the back of my car. I’m paranoid though, you don’t have to do that.

2- Menstruation Products?

Menstrual cups, tampons, or pads – whichever you choose to use, use. Tampons are the smallest, they fit practically anywhere but pads are the most accessible in Egypt so if you use those, drop ’em in your Period Kit. Also, for the sake of our various fuckups and the abundance of generosity {giving your last product to your bestie?}, I’m not saying don’t be kind, just have a sense of self preservation, stuff AT LEAST 4 of those products in your kit, that’s 4 pads, cups, or tampons.

3- Cotton Panties

Big, comfy, 100% cotton, breathable, and basic panties are a female’s best friend when Aunt Flo is visiting. Obviously, the pair you’re wearing is definitely a goner, thus, you need a replacement! If you don’t fancy walking around with panties in your bag, there are disposable cotton panties sold everywhere, you wear them once and then you chuck them.

4- ZipLock

Yes, yes, I know all about the plastic crisis, but until I find another solution, I’m going with a Ziplock. Obviously, soiled panties need somewhere to go, that somewhere should be a very tightly sealed ziplock bag.

5- Sanitizer

Do I really need to explain this?? {Most bathrooms in Egypt are out of soap almost all year ’round 🙂 }

6- Painkillers

You can’t just walk around without Brufen on you, that’s waiting for a disaster to happen with no contingency plan, no wait, no plan at all! Aunt Flo is not very punctual at this stage in our lives, you’d rather not endure cramps in the middle of a exam – trust me.

7- Something Sugar-y

You can always walk around with a chocolate bar on you, but that’s not smart in either summer, spring, or fall – trust me, it’ll melt and cause one huge and totally unnecessary mess. Your choice though. I like lollipops. Lollipops are a nice dose of sugar, anti-melt, and if they’re properly wrapped, don’t get sticky.

8- Heat Pad

Yes, I have a heat pad rolled up in my car, always. It’s a pretty blue silicone thing, rolled up, it honestly doesn’t take much space, and I can fill it up with scalding water from practically anywhere without paying anything. When cramps hit me bad and Brufen is not enough, this is my immediate second option.

9- Cash

Don’t ask me why. It’s a Fadila thing. There’s a coffee date’s worth go money inserted into my period emergency kit for period purposes only. Meaning, I treat myself, however I please. I go get my nails and brows done, I treat myself to some delicacy or the other {usually ice cream}, and buy whatever catches my fancy with whatever I have left after that.

10- Cinnamon!

I love cinnamon, it’s my favorite spice in the world, I don’t drink coffee without cinnamon – most of the time. Cinnamon is the not-so-secret secret to a reduced pain menstruation cycle. I have about 3 tbsps worth in a tiny glass jar in that kit, it saved me on quite a few occasions.

11- Water-Proof Mascara

More like tear resistant mascara. I’m occasionally vain, especially on my period, mascara helps and doesn’t stand in the way of my bouts of tears, which makes me feel less bad, kind of.

Well, I’m done, I doubt you need anything else to be quite honest, you could stash an extra pair of sweatpants in your car or locker, but that depends on your level of caution. Sorry for the rant, but, well, I won’t be me without ranting right? I hope this helped!

Lots of joy, healing, and love to you all.

Till next time,



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