The Curse of Overthinking CAN Be Broken – Here’s How

By: Menna Doubal

In a previous article the matter of overthinking was portrayed in depth. Some related it to their lives while others had the chance to have an insight into the over-thinkers struggle. It’s an issue not be reckoned with. Life forced us to be that way but it’s upon us to fight back, to control our lives. To play the game rather to be played with. Overthinking patterns stems from two things that have no third. Either it’d be dwelling on the past or incessant worrying about the future. It usually starts with a small rather trivial thought then ends up with a mind explosion more or less like the butterfly effect. Don’t worry, the curse can be broken. It won’t be easy but I assure you it’ll be worthwhile. Who wouldn’t want to be blessed with terminating even one of those everlasting sleepless nights?

Phase 1: Awareness and acknowledgement

There is a thin line between productive thinking and overthinking. And you, and only you, have to figure out where you stand. You have to recognize when you’re spending so much time thinking about one event. When you’re allowing those thoughts to engulf you. To grasp the instance those thoughts hurdle your progress in life. Then you have to decide to not allow them to do so anymore.

Phase 2: The calm before the storm (final thoughts)

Before you start implementing strategies and testing speculations, you have to put some things into consideration.

  • Perfection is overrated and unrealistic

“Those who seek perfection only ends up with disappointment.”

  • Accept your best

Be aware of your potentials and your limits, and what you’re fully capable of doing and tolerating in your life.

  • Admit that you cannot control everything in life nor can you predict the future and most importantly you cannot turn back time. You cannot bring someone back from death for example.


  • You have to be patient with yourself

No one changes overnight. Never give up on yourself.


Phase 3: Action

Now your mind is set and you’re ready to implement.

  • You must have faith and hope that things don’t have to end up the same way. People are different and surely you have changed. As a result try to shift all your negative thoughts about something into positive ones.
  • Be objective

Cancel out any emotions or attachment and try to have an eagle-eye view of the problem you’re struggling with.

  • Widen your perspective

Ask yourself: How much will this matter in 5 years? Change the frame and figure out the significance of this issue in your life on the long run. Then make up your mind whether it is even worth thinking about or worth solving.

  • Dig deep into the problem you’re facing and decide


While you’re at it, remember to accept your best!

  • Time limit

You have to assign yourself certain amount of time of your day to ponder about that issue. For example:  30 minutes. And the moment the timer starts to ring, that’s it. Continue your life.

  • Distraction

After those 30 min of self-agony passes. Your time is up. Indulge yourself in playing a sport. Read a book. Watch a movie. Go out with friends. Don’t give yourself any chance to be free. Don’t gave in to your thoughts. Fight them.

P.S: Be smart while choosing your method of distraction. If you’re broken-hearted don’t watch a RomCom movie. Or else it’d be pointless.


Overthinking is an internal struggle. Only you are aware of it and only you are suffering its consequences. The problem is, no one can help you to overcome this battle. You have to go through it alone. You have to be the one to free yourself from the cage of your own thoughts. You have to break the chains that’s dragging you down to your own grave. Trust me “You can do it!” and don’t you dare allow anyone else to tell you otherwise.

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