How to Know When Someone Loves You Even If They Don’t Say It

By: Maram Faragallah

I know it’s hard to know if someone is in love with you. However, some experts believe there are ways to say. All you need is to observe their behavior looking for these signs.

“It’s not what you do, but who you’re with.” This saying is really effective. If someone enjoys doing tasks with you, while those tasks might not be enjoyable, then they are always striving to be here for you and spend time with you. Dr Flores said, “A sign someone may be in love with you includes their ability to have fun with you even during mundane tasks. If They are happy to see you, no matter what the two of you are doing, it may be love.”

This is a sign everyone knows, when someone likes someone, they look at them….a lot. Their eyes would always find them in faces and follow every movement. Zick Rubin found that 75% of the time couples look in each others eyes whereas other people look in eyes only 30-60% of the time. Eyes are magnets to their loved ones, even if you’re in love, your eyes would follow that person unconsciously. Most of the time admiration would be quite obvious.

They pay more attention to you; you are a priority. While everyone is busy, he’s/ she’s always looking to spend time with you, so if he/she focuses their attention on you, then maybe you should raise “❤️?” flag. This also includes asking about you day, your problems, your feelings and your thoughts. Their attention is on you because they are attracted to you.

If they show you empathy, then they’re willing to share problems with you and the other way around. This means your happiness is their happiness and the other way around. They’re not sympathetic about your problems, but rather empathetic; willing to share with you and stand by you. They have your back, then they probably have strong feelings for you.

They remember little things. How amazing is it for you to tell someone something small in the middle of a conversation then have them surprise you about it later or having them remembering it and supporting you in it. When we, humans, care about someone, we would want to know everything about them to feel connected to them. So your birthday, favorite color and favorite food is not something they’ll forget.

They introduce you to important people in their lives. So we always say if a guy is serious, he’ll introduce the girl to his family. This is where the concept falls. It’s not specifically family, but rather close friends too. He/she will include you in their life.

They mention the future. If the girl’s/ guy’s future plans include you or they’re willing to include you then that’s a great sign to know their feelings. This can go as far as planning college at least (marriage is so fast to plan in high school) then they still want you in their lives.

The compliments! If they compliment your appearance, then they look you, BUT if they are always complimenting your importance in their lives and how you make them feel better then they’re in love.

“I’ve never told anyone this before but…” and they narrate a secret. Then you’re special. They’re willing to share with you secrets they didn’t share with other people. Trust is a very important element in relationships.

If you are apart, then a couple of texts and calls saying they missed you are heavily expected.


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