5 Basic Things You Need to Know When Going Zero Waste

By: Hedayette 

It’s been said that the world will end by 2066, not by nuclear war, or plague, or an abrupt start of civil wars everywhere, or religious crusades, not even by an all out female x male war – the world will not end by human war, it will end by a Nature vs Human war, for as far as we’ve been going since the Industrial Revolution, we’re slowly but surely murdering Mother Earth. This planet has hosted us for millennia upon millennia, without it, we die – stupid mankind thinking ourselves above everyone and everything else, has decided that we no longer need Nature, instead, we turned towards technology and plastic, we’ve become wasteful and arrogant, and the price has finally been set – our eradication. It may be 2018, but it is not too late, people have been made aware, they’re starting to live their lives “zero-waste” and by doing so, they’re helping prolong our stay and slightly start the healing process of our world.

#1: Stop using disposable products & plastic

I’m talking straws, coffee foam cups, plastic water bottles, plastic cups, plastic utensils, paper plates, plastic bags etc. You can switch these for glass or metal cups that are reusable! You can find those anywhere, all you have to do is look.

#2: Use the RRD – Reuse, Recycle, Donate

Anything that can’t fall into these 3 categories, try not to buy. Your goal is zero waste, so don’t go throwing your old items in the trash now! Recycle whatever you can. Compost whenever you can. Find a way to reuse an old item whenever you can. Donate items, or gift them to friends. The goal of zero waste living is to keep matter out of landfills.

#3: Buy in Bulk at the Supermarket

Stay close to the produce, deli, and the bulk aisles of the grocery store. These are the only places where you’ll find food that is not packaged and nowadays you can find just about anything in the bulk section, i.e. shampoo, soap, peanut butter, oil, pasta, etc. The most important part of buying items in bulk is to bring your own containers or bags. I always stuff my clothe grocery bags with little bags and containers to be filled with fruit, veggies, or bulk products and never take any plastic bags from the supermarket.

#4: Spread the word and encourage others

This may be the hardest step to take, but it is one of the most important ones when going zero-waste.

“No, thank you, I do not want this pamphlet.”
“No, thank you, we appreciate your offer to purchase something for the kids, but we have everything we need.”
“No, thank you, I do not want a free pen/t-shirt/fridge magnet/sticker/etc.”

When you are able to (politely) refuse free things, you are able to reduce the clutter in your home, and, in the long run, the amount of trash you’ll produce.

5- Follow Zero Waste Pages

Because you need the daily hacks and tips to keep you going, the things you can learn are boundless and numerous! You can follow @consciouscariene @zerowaste.egypt @amiraaymans @urbanearthlingsegypt – for everything you need to know as well as daily tips and tricks.

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