High School Senior Year – Expectation vs Reality

By: Hagar Ibrahim

Congrats! You’re in the final step of the big, annoying journey. You’ve always wanted this, you’ve wanted to quit the waking up at 6 am and returning at 3, you’ve wanted to quit having to hide your phone, or obey rules you’re not even convinced with. It feels weird, but it is happening. Being a senior has put more pressure on me than i’ve ever expected it to do. Here’s a list of my expectations, which were later debunked, of the infamous senior year.



  • I’m going to still feel like part of the system.


Whether your school offers having a different color of shirts or not, you’re going to feel a little bit alienated. You’re acknowledging the fact that you’re be leaving for good in a couple of months and you’ll feel like you need an extra year to prepare for the grand change you’re going to go through soon. Not to mention, the various “you’re the eldest, you should make kids look up to you”, “you’re going to be on your own in a couple of months”, “this year is going to fly by”,”you’re not going to be friends with everyone once you leave.”, comments made by teachers and parents that will leave you thinking, am i actually ready to leave?


  • It’s the easiest year.


LIES! A lot of people think that they’re going to chill in the playground for the majority of their senior year but you’re not. If you’re not studying for a quiz/chapter test, you’re going to formulate a list of universities you’re planning to apply to, you’re going to work on brainstorming fundraising events for prom, you’re going to plan for senior events, you’re going to book a place in placement tests. It’s honestly the year you’re going to feel that everything is so surreal.


  • You’re not going to think about prom.


every.one.is.thinking.about .prom. You’ll feel like you’ve been waiting for this event for the majority of your life. You’ll start looking at dresses once you wear your senior tshirts. Your worst fear is someone wearing the same color, or having the same hairstyle. You’ll also start calculating how this event will cost you. Don’t think about it too much or you’ll crack!


  • College decisions come later.


You’ve always been postponing the college discussion with your parents, but you’re going to eventually have it. It’s not the easiest task to convince someone whose beliefs are engraved,but you’ll have to convince them, if you want to study what you want. It sort of breaks your heart knowing that you and your friends are going your different ways. It’s a thought you’ve always ignored, but when you look at all of the laughs, the memories and the good times. It’s going to break your heart a little.


  • Teachers are going to give you some peace for being a senior.


They might show affection, a little bit of it, but it’s not going to last long at all. They’re going to go back to normal right away and they’re going to add the “you’re grown ups” twist to their “tahzee2”.


  • You can be healthy, social and good at school at the same time.


Never happened, not going to happen this year either.


  • You’re all going to be friends.


It is possible, but you’ll want to spend more time with people who are your close friends. You might tolerate others from your class. Try to avoid forming hostility between yourself and anyone from your class.

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