6 Struggles Every Female x Male Bestfriends Go Through

By: Zeinah Hesham

Day by day , the world finds out more and more ways to end stereotypes but even though we’re in the 21st century – there are so many more assumptions and stereotypes that still remain with us.

Those stereotypes include every single girl obviouslywanting to jump every guy that’s close to her, including her best friend whom she only loves like a brother and vice versa. Even if they act like a couple, that does notmean that they’re secretly friends with benefits.

So if you’re a girl that has a guy best friend or a guy with a girl best friend and you happen to be a lot more ‘flirty’ than other people, here are some of the struggles that you might be dealing with.

1)    “The Couple” Struggle:

Most of the time, you will get comments such as “You guys are adorable” , “I ship you guys so much” , “What a cute couple!” . This struggle is very common , even if you’re not ‘flirty’ since obviously every guy and girl cannot be just friends without having a thing between them. You spend your days together explaining that you’re actually just friends whilst people say that it’s actually friends with benefits. If I act that way with my female best friends why is it suddenly different when I act that way with someone that has a penis?

2)    “The Assumption” Struggle:

Not only do people assume that you’re a couple but those who know you’re not, always assume that one person has feelings for the other and if not they will always, and girl I mean always remind you that it’s a matter of time before someone starts developing feelings for the other or sometimes they’re kind enough to spare you the time and just assume that you guys are secretly dating.

3)    “The Setup” Struggle:

May all the Gods be with you if at any point of your life , one of your friends starts liking him/her. You’ll have to deal with the problems of being a matchmaker and actually figure out if your best friend has feelings for the girl or guy that likes him/her. Moreover , and this is actually quite obvious, at some point you will fight with the person that likes your best friend due to all the jealousy and emotions being involved. No matter how close you are , your friend will 100% start bitching because of their crush and will probably make you out to be the bad guy even though you just don’t want to ruin a friendship and in reality you’re just trying to help them – you go on trying to explain for the billionth time that you do not have feelings for each other and you’re not going to be believed – again.

4)    “The Behavior” Struggle:

If you and your best friend are actually pretty flirty and do act like a couple all the time; may all Angels guard you through the day when every single time you slightly touch each other, you have to explain to another person why you actually act like a couple when you’re not even close to being one . “Then why do you cuddle so much?” “Why are you holding hands” “Are you actually sitting on him/her?” . Bitch, is it suddenly illegal to touch my best friend? Am I kissing this person? Am I making out with this person? Am I doing anything sexual in any way? No? How weird!

5)    “The Other Best Friend” Struggle:

Let’s be honest, we all get a little friend jealous every once in awhile and it’s only natural for your other best friends to be jealous. Your other best friend, the one that is the same sex as you – yep that one , she/he will probably start getting jealous over how much you talk or the fact that you ask them for advice more or that you tell them things that they haven’t heard about.

6)    “The Relationship” Struggle:

Last but not least when you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, their number one priority is to make sure that you love them a lot more than you love your best friend and let’s be real your boyfriend/girlfriend is delusional for even thinking that they might be close to how much you love your best friend. And at some point they might ask you to stop talking to your best friend and in that case you dump this person and immediately go on a date with your best friend.

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