8 Healthy and Fulfilling Breakfast Ideas for the Busy – or Lazy – Mornings

By: Fadila

The other day, I woke up with only 30 mins  to spare before I had an important meeting, the same happens at least once a week and I find myself running late for class, but honestly, I say fuck it if I’m late because I need healthy deliciousness to wake me up and fuel me before I leave the house in a rush, but then that plan goes to shit because I feel guilty; I hate being late. Yet, I also find myself too lazy to make a mouthwatering egg whites and veggies omelet and too fancy to have a toast with a slice of cheddar, basically, the struggle is real. So, my bestfriend Google came up with plenty of answers for my dilemma.

1- PB & B Toast

1 slice of dried toast, creamy peanut/almond butter goodness, and half a small sliced banana. Honestly, if my fancy ass craves it, I’ll add some chia seeds, or if I’m on my period and dying, I’m all for some of Hershey’s dark chocolate chips. Whether it’s plain, with chia seeds, or chocolate chips, you can never go wrong with a base of toast, a nut butter, and bananas – plus, you can prep that in literally a minute.

2- Yogurt Smoothie

You probably have yogurt in your fridge, personally, I prefer Kik’s greek yogurt but you can use whatever yogurt you have. So, basically, throw in some yogurt, ice, and whatever fruit available in the blender, pour into your mason jar, and hightail it out of the house. The BEST fruit options though are berries, bananas, peaches, or mangoes. You can add honey, stevia, or some dates for extra sweetness! Prep time is barely 5 minutes.

3- Parfaits

I have no clue what I’d do with my life if parfaits did not exist. Again, grab your mason jar, add some yogurt, then some fruit, then some seeds of your choice or chocolate chips, repeat for two more layers, grab a metal/wooden spoon, tighten the lid on your jar, and make a bee line to your car/bus. ANY fruit works in a parfait, if you’re the kind of person who likes some carbs in, you can add 2 digestive biscuits in between the layers! Or some granola! Maybe even – if you’re up to it – some Fitness cereal. Prep time is no more than 5 minutes too!

4- Snack Attack – but Bigger

I grab that same mason jar, cut up an apple and a pear, melt 2 tbsp of peanut butter, and drizzle them on the cut fruit, grab a metal/wooden fork, and make a run for it. This is for when I’m SUPER SUPER LATE. You can do the same with a snack attack Sistema or Tupperware if you like to keep the nut butter and fruit separate. If I’m feeling extra, I add some almond flakes or raisins to the fruit before drizzling the nut butter. This is barely a 2 minute prep, honestly!

5- Coffee Smoothie!

This is for when I NEED to wake up, like, post pulling 3 all nighters, this becomes the regular breakfast for me. I almost always have some of Espresso Lab’s Cold Brew in my fridge, if not, I just make a very diluted Nescafe blend. I grab a banana, some ice, 1/2 a cup of milk, and blend. If I need a protein boost or if I feel like having something creamier or heavier, I add 1 tbsp of a nut butter. If this is not sweet enough for you – sweeten with dates, honey just doesn’t really work with this. Prep time is not even a minute, seriously guys, and it tastes so good!!!


Ok, so this is just for this season, but fall is my fav season, and these toast mixes taste absolutely dih-vine! If your morning toast has these things, then it’s fall toast: 1 whole wheat toast, nut butter, and cinnamon. So, if you have toast, pb, 1/4 of an apple {thinly sliced}, and a sprinkle of cinnamon you’re lit. If you have a toast with almond butter, strawberries, a drizzle of human, and a bit of cinnamon, you’re godly. Now, if you have a toast with a squashed pumpkin x cottage cheese for a base, with a drizzle of honey, a small handful of crushed pecans, and some barely there ginger, you’re fall personified. These all taste incredible, are fulfilling af, and barely take 5 mins to prepare.

7- Leftover Chicken Galore

Mama made grilled chicken for dinner last night, there’re still some in the fridge, here’s what you do. You heat up half a pita (nos regheef balady), spread some yogurt and mustard, and arrange 2 small chicken breasts inside of the pita, if you have some peppers on hand, add them! It sounds disgusting, but I’ve been told it tastes good! You could also heat up half a pita, add a slice of cheddar cheese, a small chicken breast, and grill it quickly for a minute – literally won’t take 3 minutes. Another option would be to mash quarter an avo, sprinkle some sea salt and pepper, and add in a small chicken breast – again barely 3 minutes of prep time! The options are endless if you’ve got some leftover chicken in your fridge.

8-  Cereal is My Lifesaver

Remember that Mason Jar? Just quickly measure out a cup of whatever cereal you prefer, add in some warm or cold milk, tightly close the lid on your jar, grab a spoon, and make a run for it. If you have more than one minute to spare, you can cut up some fruits, add some chia seeds, some dried fruit, or maybe even some dark chocolate chips {or a combo of these things} to your cereal before you hit the road.


Well, I hope this helped? I kind of try to balance between pleasuring my tastebuds in the morning, nourishing my body well, and fitting whatever it is I need to prep into the allotted pre-madness breakfast time…which is 5 mins. Tell me what y’all think!

Till next time,




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