Everything You Need to Know About Bullies

By: Maram Faragallah

Bullying is a disgusting thing and no one, even if they did wrong, deserves to be bullied. Society loves to make us think that blaming the victims is the only way out, and if I changed my flaws, I’d be perfect and never bullied. The thing is those people are the bullies, and no matter how you change, they would always point out flaws.

That’s why I think something is wrong with the bully. And here are causes of bullying.

Side note: if anything, you should pity bullies.

One of the main reasons of bullying is they are feeling powerless in their lives. For example, usually men who verbally attack their children, have problems in their career or have their manager giving them hell.

It’s a cycle. Your manager bullies you, you bully your child. When they become managers they bully employees and their child is going to bully his children.

In school, they may have a parents problem. Especially that most parents are divorced and half of them are in court. He’s living an unstable life and he wants you to. Don’t fall under their trap.

They have lack of understanding or empathy; unable to express emotions. Unable to regulate emotions too.

Other thing is someone else is bullying them. As I said about the cycle that we have. In my school, there was a guy who stood in front of the cafeteria and snatched the change from students. When I asked him why he does that, he said that because of his bad grades, his father doesn’t give him money. This guy also used to bully me, then I realized that he’s being physically abused by his father. Also that other students bully him into bullying me. They would say we will not bully you if you bully her; me. And he was bullied too.

People who put life standards, always struggle to follow them. And are always jealous of anyone who does, so they make them feel bad about it. If a girl thinks being beautiful is to be slim, she would make fun of people who are slimmer than her even though she secretly hopes to be like them. Also the frustration of someone achieving something they hoped for, is crushing. They are weak people and are sensitive to small things. Jealousy and frustration rises when someone is more successful than them.

Someone is looking for………ATTENTION. Some people feed on appreciation and compliments from others. They would do anything to attract attention so they would be praised or loved and fill the empty “unloved” gap in their minds. So they bully and make “cruel” jokes about people so others would laugh and BAM they are recognized. I know a guy who used to be bullied from first grade until sixth grade and he didn’t have any friends. Then he got the opportunity to be the “Class Clown” and everyone suddenly started including him in conversations and he would say a bunch of bullshit, people would laugh and suddenly he’s “loved”. And he even went to the extent of bullying and making fun of me, so people would laugh.

Yes, i know what you’re thinking. Yes, I’m an easy target, but after this I’m actually laughing.

Bullying is not only on children, there are adult bullies too. And as someone said “Children don’t listen to us, they imitate us.” Sooo they may be copying an adult’s behavior. And in front of all the bullying we see in real life situations, movies and TV shows, it’s really expected to find children copying this behavior.

I may have pointed this out once, but again “Bullying behavior gets rewarded.” You bully, you’re praised. More Praising = More Bullying. When there are a group of bullies, they praise one another and feel more powerful.

I was reading a story one time, and the main character was saved in a car accident by her best friend, but he died. So his twin brother decided to bully her as serving “Justice” for killing his brother.

Maybe they are ……Sick? Look of course they are sick. I mean a bigger type of sickness like mental illness. There are 50+ mental illnesses that may push someone into doing an evil thing. Borderline Personality Disorder, this makes the human emotions multiply. Like if he feels a little sad, the disease would make him feel painful and hurtful, which would push him to act on it.

And in Egypt there this thing, “You either be the bully, or the bullied.” It’s a chosen fate.

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