7 Study Tips to Help You Breeze Through This School/Uni Year

By: Fadila

Well, I finished everything on my to do list (and some) early today thus I decided to help out and give you all my pre-academic week reminders/tips.

1- Don’t Procrastinate AND Plan

Y’all, this is the golden rule, I know it’s easier said than done but if you fix this – everything else comes easy. If you want to know how; just click here and you’ll be redirected to a post about just that. Planning makes everything that much easier, you know that from my time management tips, no?

2- Comodoro Technique

hard core focus for 25 mins, then a 5 mins break – on and on and on till you’re 3 hour study sesh is all done. This also means something rather nice, small goals! Instead of going all out and saying: “I’m going to study for 5 hours today”, just say: “I’m going to focus for 25 minutes now”. You’ll feel super good post accomplishing this task and you’ll find that you have done much. This also means that your good feeling will make you want to work more, so 5 mins of refreshments and maybe a quick call to your bestie later, you’ll feel ready to take on the world.

3- The Only Thing You Should Binge On is Netflix

So just like binge eating is bad, binge studying the night before the exam is, well, terrifying. Honestly all you have to do is rewrite your class notes, read your assigned readings if you have any, and do your homework every day, if a quiz pops up your mind will not need an instant cramming of info that it CAN’T upload and store, rather, you’ll reread your notes and ace the quiz – same thing with the tests. STUDY SATURDAYS YOU GUYS!

4- Say No to Mac

because why in the seven hells is it a study ritual to get to McDonald’s (the ones in the banzeena(s) anyway)? Like, why? You eat junk, you waste time, going to McDonald’s pre-studying is a one ingredient recipe for a disaster of epic proportions, like, EPIC proportions. Let’s not mention the khorooga that ends up being born from your Mac visit either yeah? ….or the occasional drooling episode when you miraculously find your crush at the same branch of Mac you’re at, ordering your fav meal too…or deciding that it’s ok to waste all your money and hit Starbucks with your friends post your quick Mac date for a “study group”…I guess you get the jist of this no?

5- Trigger Your Visual Memory

I adore flashcards; I enjoy making them, studying from them, and quizzing myself quickly before an exam through them. They don’t have to be super fancy, and don’t think making them is a waste of time, because your mind commits to memory everything you write with the colors and the smell and the texture, this is also why my notes are always color coded, it makes recalling information so much easier. If you dislike creating them or are afraid of losing them, you can easily make some online and save them to your desktop.

6- Exercise

I know I said this before but I can never stress how important movement is. Exercise means two vital things: 1. Increase in blood circulation aka more oxygen to your brain = a fresher headache-free you. 2- Bye Stress! Exercising releases happy hormones and tames the stress hormone and I honestly love that because we all know we don’t need no more stress or anxiety to be quite honest.

7- Breathe

That’s it, take in a deep breath, let it out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Can you see your chest contract? Can you hear your heart’s rhythmic beat? Can you feel the warmth of your body? These are all signs that you are alive. Everything will be ok, because a few years ago you were in some deep shit and you thought it was the end of the world, but here you are now, still alive and very much over it. Calm down, I promise you in 10, 20, 30 years, this won’t matter. Your grades do not define you, no matter how much everyone treats you as if they do.

Well, that’s it for today.

Sending you all lots of good vibes and wishing you serenity, growth, joy, and success.

Till next time,



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