The Patriarchy’s Misconception About Sexual Entitlement

By: Nazly Abdelrahman

Sadly, one of the things that men are most emphatic about is sexual entitlement. This might be a sensitive topic for most people, but being quiet about it won’t get us anywhere. The patriarchy enforces the concept that men are somewhat entitled to do specific things, and that they are entitled to receiving similar reactions from women. The emphasis on gender roles has distorted the sense of right from wrong, and the definition of true entitlement.

Let me tell you what entitlement is; entitlement is the belief that one is deserving of certain priveleges. Now, who gave you the right to this belief? A falsely constructed image of gender roles, and the false idea that she’s gonna like it?

Or was it for the simple fact that you couldn’t keep your dick in your pants – even literally sometimes? And that, due to this arousal, you need to “satisfy your desire”?

I’m sorry but there are many other ways to deal with this craze rather than releasing it on someone who doesn’t want it. Go masturbate or do any other thing that won’t harm someone else in the process. Go talk to the girl that you KNOW is okay with you treating her that way- the girl who has stated and made it obvious that she wants to get sexual with you. Not the girl that you assume that you are entitled to behaving sexually with.

This ‘entitlement’ is furthered when women dress a specific “innappropriate” way. Men take this as an invitation to impose themselves on you, to bombard you with disgusting messages – and don’t get me started about pictures.

The way we dress is not an invitation for you to unleash your hayagan. Just because we might hug or kiss specific guys does not mean that we should do the same to you. This is not some unspoken rule; treating a guy a specific way does not mean that any other guy should get the same treatment if they make a move on you. Your lack of self-control is not something that we should have to deal with.

This false sense of entitlement can lead up to so many horrid things, both emotional and physical. Just because you, a guy, think that I should allow you to act in a certain way because of “how close we are” or because “I do it with other guys” does not entitle you to receive such a treatment.

A lot of guys can’t grasp this concept- the concept that we should choose these types of things. You can’t assume that we’re gonna like the dick pics or flirty texts you send us, nor can you give yourself the right to send them in the first place due to your misconstrued perceptions. If I want something, then I’m going to ask for it. We have mouths for a reason.

And let’s not act that the only girls who recieve this sort of shit are the “open-minded ones”, the ones “asking for it”. Almost all girls, even the most innocent, have been through similar experiences. There is absolutely no justification for this revolting behavior.

All of the excuses that one might come up with are complete and utter bullshit. Even if your friends pressured you into acting sexual and provocative to a girl, you could have always refused. This is a matter of choice, and this is what the patriarchy has constructed: an invalid sense of entitlement.

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