10 Woke AF Series You Need to Binge-Watch Right Now

By: Fadila

So, having decided I’m interested in TV representation of various marginalized groups and – frankly – quite tired of reading stories and in the mood to watch some while munching on some popcorn and Redbull, I asked for recommendations, added some of my own favorites and compiled a 10 series list of all the shows that are incredibly ingenious, instill profound knowledge, and an insane sense of woke-ness.

1- Orange is the New Black


OITNB is one of the most famous Netflix series due to its sheer fearlessness. The series addresses many social and political problems in the US, it is also inclusive of people of different skin colors, sizes, shapes, genders, sexualities, and more. An insight into the lives of the discriminated and the huge gaps present in society’s hierarchy today.

2- American Crime Story


American Crime Story is a few seasons’ worth of gender, race, and LGBTQIA+ issues; entrenched in the history, progress, and reality of those topics in the US. Now this is also the spinoff series of American Horror Story, relying almost entirely on the exaggerated dramatization of true events.

3- Dear White People


I think it’s easy enough to discern the main issues discussed in this series from the name of the show. Mostly though, this is more or a less a story of white supremacy in the educational system, the incredible amount of discrimination, and especially, the lives of black students in white-dominated Ivy league universities. The beautiful thing about this show is that it is highly intellectual and very much educational but in a way that is undeniably ingenious. A story of privilege.

4- Queer Eye


This may be a fluffy af show but it’s also overflowing with representation. It also focuses on the cultural divide in the US and the effect the decades of discrimination still have on society today. Queer Eye is the show of the year for many men; for it battles – incredibly – toxic masculinity and gives room for people to feel good about themselves, for all the right reasons.

5- Crazyhead


Crazyhead is the perfect blend of intersectional feminism and badass sci-fi. This is representation and education in the most millennial sense. Plus, we don’t get 1 heroine, we get two, and thank goodness they’re not both white. Don’t watch this at night though, this is somewhat horror/comedy/sci-fi and that can’t be good for your sleep.

6- Vida


Vida is an all Latin cast typical drama series from a whole new and totally fresh perspective. It offers lots of insight into real lives and real stories. In fact, the most amazing thing about Vida is how absolutely newly rehashed it is and how much representation it flows with not just in terms of it’s cast but the stories told as well.

7- Shameless


Drug abuse, sexuality, mental health issues, body image, color, and the realities of poverty. One family; a myriad of exploited taboos. If anything, this show should primarily be applauded for the sheer audacity and transparency of the stories told.

8- Transparent


Well, welcome to the life of a professor slowly making his gender transition. A stunning entrance of an array of color in a seemingly black and white world, an exploration of the cisgender society and a bold message, this is an incredibly REAL representation of the life and anxieties of transgender people. A journey of the self, discovery, acceptance, and finally, love.

9- Sense8


Brilliant. This show has got to be the one that takes the cake, it may be sci-fi, it may be youth-centric, but it is nothing we’ve seen before. Gender Identity and Sexuality are not what this series is all about, this is about every aspect of representation ever, this is age, race, color, gender, sexuality, and more. 8 strangers, different continents, one telepathic connection to bind them all together.

10- Scandal


All I’m going to say about this is, no matter what “type” of feminist you are, this is for you.

2 thoughts on “10 Woke AF Series You Need to Binge-Watch Right Now

  1. I wasn’t interested in queer eye at first but guess I’ll watch it now, I hate sense 8 tho too much sex I’m fine with gay but even I did not like it


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