The WAgE gAP dOeSn’T eXiST

By: Hagar Ibrahim

I’ve highlighted before that I am a well-mannered child that does not come for anybody but honestly sometimes people test me. My article about Pink Tax seemed to really annoy some of my readers. One comment I got was, and I quote “Women do not get paid less than men for equal work. Its illegal in almost every country including egypt” you can find the comment under the article. While the ill punctuation really put me off, I decided to dedicate this article to educate you all about the wage gap.

Before I pour all of the information I know, I’d like to refer back to some social concepts in order to deepen everyone’s understanding. The “pink vs blue” gender myth is the belief that boys grow up to like the color blue, to like playing with toys such as robots, cars, guns, to becoming emotionless creatures that are banned from showing sensitivity. On the other side of the spectrum, it is believed that girls should like the color pink, like playing with toys such as dolls, and toy babies, and teddy bears, and to show emotions and sensitivity. While we all wish the phenomenon would stop here, it lasts forever. “Gender norms” or “Gender stereotypes” are socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women. An infamous gender role is that women are more proficient in arts and humanities and that man are more proficient in science-based careers/studies. Women are sometimes questioned when they pursue careers such as engineering or medicine because of the “hard” natures of said careers.

While women will always live with unwanted comments, they have proved that a woman could still be an excellent engineer, attractive person, and a good mother all at the same time. While proving them wrong, women expect to be paid the same amount of money men get; but this is not the case. Women get paid less than men while delivering the same job, spending the same number of hours and being in the same position. Not to mention, having to deal with sexual harassment and such. According to Egypt independent: “Egypt ranked 134th, out of 144 countries, on the Global Gender Gap Report issued on November 2 by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Some might argue that Egypt is considered a third-world developing country and that is why the country is in said dilemma, but the problem is not a result of a failing economy but a result of failing ethics. Following the Brexit, the United Kingdom is expected to be stable and growing; and one might logically think that with a healthy economy, equality is easier to reach. According to the gender pay gap governmental service (United Kingdom), 10527 SONY female employees have published their gender pay gap figures in the year 2018 leading up to 2019. The size of the gap does not matter; the problem is the existence of the gap itself.

Naturally, women’s products that are highly demanded must be priced lower as women earn less. But again this is not the case. Care to explain?

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