“Get a Makeover”

By: Farida Amr

When you read the title, what did you think of? Did you think of Cinderella? Mean
Girls, Miss Congeniality, The Devil Wears Prada? Whatever you first imagined, it probably involved a hair straightener, plucked eyebrows, stilettos, a glasses-to- contacts transition, and a copious amount of mascara. They say a new look can solve anything. I mean, looking at all the different examples in movies and tv shows, I can see where that comes from.

Need a confidence boost? Get a makeover. Want a little extra bit of courage to talk to that guy? Get a makeover. Fit in with the cool crowd? Makeover. Become the princess of a small european country? You guessed it, get a makeover. Is anyone else seeing a trend here?

Today, though, I want you to give yourself a makeover of a different kind. I want you
to reinvent your thoughts, not your face. Recognize that beauty is not in having magazine- worthy makeup, supermodel legs, or picture-perfect hair. You know why? Because that doesn’t even exist. It’s 2018, we know by now that advertisements, photoshoots, movies, almost every piece of media we encounter has been altered. In fact, they’ve been changed so drastically that the people in these pictures aren’t even real anymore.

Acknowledge the fact that it’s an unrealistic image to aspire to. Moreover, realize that superficial beauty is subjective. Some people find dark hair attractive, some people prefer blondes. Short girls are considered beautiful in some places, while tall girls are ideal in others. The way you look might be beautiful to someone, and ugly to someone else. So how you look doesn’t really matter to how beautiful you are, does it?

Now that that’s settled, take a moment, and think toyourself, “ What does real beauty mean?” This is where your makeover starts. You are beautiful, that’s a fact. We all are. This makeover only helps you see that beauty, because it will show you that you already have what it takes. If you don’t believe me, read on. Your beauty comes from your passion. You’re at your most gorgeous when you talk about what you love.

So do it. Yell from rooftops. If you believe in a cause, stand up for it. Speak up. You have the right, and the full power, to change the world with your voice. We might have been silenced for years, but that’s more than enough. We will not be the pretty girlfriends, the silent, meek, trophy wives, an ornament, there for someone else’s pleasure. We’re more than that. We’re bright, brilliant, complex women. So channel your passion.

Rethink your silences. Inspire everyone around you. This is the makeover of speech.
Your beauty comes from your ideas. One single spark can ignite the entire universe.
There is no limit to what your brain can do. Nothing is ever too far-fetched, too impossible for a determined woman. Be creative. Think outside the box. Read a lot, write a lot, paint or draw or sing a lot. Anything to get your message across.Ideas are the most powerful things in the universe.

Use yours wisely, and abundantly. Don’t limit yourself, because if your ideas are larger than life in your head, then they should be in everyone else’s too. Do not, ever, let a man (or woman) tell you that your idea is stupid, or worthless. Prove them wrong. This is the makeover of your thoughts.
Your beauty comes from your confidence in who you are. There’s nothing more
breathtaking than a woman ready to show the world who she is. Never, in your life, should someone make you feel like you aren’t enough. If they do, show them that they’re wrong. Apply for Class President . Make that speech. Rock that outfit. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Your strength comes from being comfortably enough in who you are, to stand up and show it to the world. And strength is the purest form of beauty. This is the makeover of actions. Your beauty comes from within. So believe that you have the power to let it shine. Of course, every warrior needs her armor. For some of us, that might be that gorgeous skirt you bought the other day. It might be that super-bright lipstick. It might be a pretty hairstyle, or a special piece of jewelry.

It might be sweatpants, or headphones, or your favorite fluffy slippers. So wear that, and be proud of it. But always, always remember that you make your clothes beautiful, you make your body beautiful, not the other way around. This, is the makeover of you.

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