Single Sex Schools – Constructive or Destructive?

By: Rawan Khalil

WARNING/CLARIFICATION: This article is extremely one sided and kind of biased since I solely oppose single sex schools unless there are justifications to separate females and males like: females or males who are traumatized from rape experiences, or people who in reality find themselves uncomfortable in the presence of the opposite sex for their own personal reasons. However, going to single sex schools is a decision some people might take and I fully respect them nonetheless. Also, I do not deny that single sex have some advantages, but I believes that disadvantages outweigh them.


It is heartbreaking and agonizing that we are dividing, instead of unifying. In a world so unjust towards women, full of misogynists, and ruled by the patriarchy. In a world so cruel to men, a world where people always try to emasculate them and pressure them to meet certain criterias of toxic masculinity; separating young people in schools will have deteriorating consequences. Many boys feel that they are superior to girls, because more likely than not they will be told so, yet they will still be scared of being beaten by a girl – which is why girls will probably be taught in a way which shrinks them and teaches them to have less ambition, less determination, but a lot about how to be a good housewife or something- because let’s face it; that is where the patriarchy want us to be.


Having males and females in schools together will show both genders that they are equal, that gender is just a label by society. They will both be taught the same things in the same way and so none of them will have to shrink or expand their ego only based on gender, because results, achievements, and activities will be the judge. Teachers will not be biased due to gender, and if they are, you can file a report.


Moreover, dividing will increase judgement and misconception as well as cloud the vision of what the actual world is like. We live in a society with both men and women, having teenagers isolated from the real world would make their experiences out of school surreal, it would make university life mentally impossible. When you are used to being isolated from something and then you suddenly find yourself surrounded with it, you will be confused, surprised and incapable of adapting easily. A person who never listen to music might be uneasy when music is played, a person who doesn’t like partying will feel uneasy at a party and would probably wanna go home. The same theory applies to the people you’re surrounded with and it can be gender wise (which it shouldn’t really) or personality wise.


Males and females would find it difficult to have a decent conversation with one another, when really we are both just humans and the opposite gender is not serial killer.


School is where we see a fraction of what life is, it’s not only about the education which is vital of course, but it’s also a play where you build yourself in term of personality and social skills but if you see only half the picture you will have half the social skills you need to go through life.

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