Egypt Has a Staggering Divorce Rate of 250 Cases Per Day

By: Maram Faragallah

Highest divorce rate, Egypt invades the highest world divorce rate by 250 cases per day. In other words, there’s a divorce every four minutes.

Why are people getting divorced?

From the moment we’re born. We’re criticized by our gender.

From the moment children hit puberty, they are segregated by gender. Parents would tell men “Ya rab tekbar w neshoufak mohandes aw doctor”

And we say to a lady, “w 3o2bal ma tekbry w neshoufk 3arousa fy beit gozek.”

“2ashouf weladk”

Then we enter college. Girls are banned to have any relationship inside college. Boys on the other hand can have a fling.

Women have a age barrier in marriage. If you’re over thirty then you’re not attractive anymore to marry. Or as people say “time has passed”. Being a guy on the other hand grants you the right to marry any time you want.

Into the relationship, there’s why people get divorced. One thing is they didn’t choose each other. He’s forced into stability and she’s forced into starting a life because that’s her role in life; to have a family to serve.

Roles are divided by gender: he goes to work to get money, and she does all the house chores. This leads to the very big problems partners hate about each other. He complains, “She doesn’t care about the money as if I didn’t work my ass off to get it.” And she complains, “He’s always with his friends and never home.” Or “He doesn’t appreciate that I’m a working like a maid doing everything myself and no one is helping me.”

Because money is more valuable than house chores, a women takes an allowance from her husband to spend on herself. She can’t buy a car or a house. She has to depend on him completely. Then after the divorce usually the man kicks them out and doesn’t spend any money on them. Here when she realizes that she should have worked.

Gender roles in relationships also force women to take care of children. In a child’s life, his mother is more important than his dad. I was watching a tv show where a woman said that she supports distortion between raising children because girls would be mothers so they have huger roles than men, but how does that affect the family?

A guy who straight out refuses to recognize his children or spend money on them is someone who doesn’t even know them. Some of these men don’t even ask to see their children.


There was no communication.

He didn’t talk with him often. the dad is not home or the child prefers to talk to friends on the phone rather than with family. They didn’t share a secret or maybe they didn’t have a connection. Although they live in the same home, they are strangers.

That’s why it is easy to just neglect them.

Don’t know wether to blame it on traffic, pollution or lack of education, but we’re aggressive and jump to conclusions immediately. In relationships we also expect so much that the smallest of actions get to the heart. Fights usually include cuss words. That’s when things fall apart, they become uncivilized and fight in a war of stubbornness. The winner makes the other the most humiliated. Some even don’t think about the children. They’re consumed in anger and revenge in order to realize there’s a breathing shadow being destroyed too.

“The broken can’t be repaired.” After everything that happened, they can never be together again. They’ll live cursing the day they met. They’ll keep talking about each other behind their backs. They will make the children hate them both.

After everything, how do they expect to get children that have a right based rights.

Problem is? It’s a cycle. Those children do the same thing. Get raised the same way and are more likely to face the same situations.

The consequences of the parents actions put a hell lot of suffering in their life and their children’s. We also don’t learn from our mistakes. How are we expected to overcome this if we don’t realize the problem?

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