What is Foreplay? Why is it Important?

By: K

Disclaimer: article is independent of religion, based on facts, and meant for 15+ humans, yes, it has a mature rating, please read at your own caution.

Foreplay is defined as “sexual activity that precedes intercourse”, basically, kissing, touching, caressing, licking, rubbing, cunnilingus, etc. Thing is, lack of sex ed, awareness, and the shit ton of porn people watch has made everyone believe that enjoyment can come only from intercourse, when in fact, foreplay is VITAL for a good, healthy, and tremendously pleasurable sex life. So, what is the point of “foreplay” anyway? Why is it important?


1- Let’s Talk Biology

Biologically speaking, foreplay is insanely important for a female’s arousal, and a female’s arousal is significant because it causes the erection of the clitoris, and the erection of the clitoris is kinda, well, again, important – but why? Think of it this way, the clitoris functions a bit like the penis in terms of the whole blood rushing towards the organ for erection thing, this makes it easier for females to achieve orgasms because fun fact; the clitoris has over 42,000 nerve endings, which is the most nerve endings found in any organ in any organism. Now do you know why it’s important? Foreplay matters because it also elicits vaginal wetness aka natural lubrication which aids heavily in penetrative sex and prevents vaginal tearing, infections, and a chance for cancer. Moreover, if there isn’t enough vaginal wetness (due to mostly lack of foreplay) that makes sex painful for both the male and the female, but mostly for the female, as it causes major bleeding. Also, logic says, the higher the buildup, the more explosive the subject matter, no? Thus, the better the foreplay, the more brilliant the sex and the more the orgasms and pleasure – for both parties.


2- Females Take a Lot More to Get Aroused

Ok, males can think about sex and get an erection, for females, it needs quite a bit more than that. It’s not a five minute thing and it shouldn’t be, if it is, then, well, that’s a problem. A lot of men are taught to be very sexually entitled, thus, they’re very selfish with sex, they want their pleasure and orgasms and they think of women as vessels for their pleasure, but women need sex too, they can enjoy it too, it’s their right to receive pleasure just as men do, that being said, put more effort into foreplay, draw it out, fill it up, make it all about how you BOTH feel and what you BOTH want. Sex is something that takes place between TWO people and they BOTH equally matter in it, aye?


3- Allow Yourselves to Feel, Yeah?

Sorry guys, but, hooking up with a someone and going: “hi, bam, thank you, bye” is shit. A human will – most likely – want you to show them that you WANT to be with them. Foreplay and everything it entails, it communicates that, it communicates desire and pure want, it gives meaning to the whole process, sex isn’t meant to be dry, it’s meant to be overflowing and powerful. Foreplay allows for appreciation, it instills feelings of security, it allows a person to feel more vulnerable, thus, lack of thereof (foreplay) makes a person feel neglected, it makes them feel like a piece of meat, not a human being – let alone wanted and desired as they should feel when it comes to sex. It is a way of making your partner feel your attention and care – and to bask in them. Sex is very intertwined with emotional health, keep that in mind too alright?

How hard is it to ask your partner what they like?????

I wish I could give y’all some foreplay tips, but, I’d rather not. I’ve given you something to think about, now you go search for your own info – NOT FROM PORN. This was a bit brief but that is only because this is going to be my first month writing more than one piece and they’re going to be interrelated. Next up for me in a week or so is a major “how to” important factor of foreplay – Dirty Talk. Stay Tuned!!!


Oh, and stay woke!


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