Top 6 Fitness Gurus to Keep Up With for Motivation and Tips

By: Zeinah Hesham



Simmons is by far one of the most amazing youtubers in the fitness world. She is a 25 year old living with her two beautiful dogs Navy and Indigo in Utah. If you’re simply looking for short and sweet videos , she’s your girl – that includes various workouts (gym and at home) , healthy recipes , tips and tricks for being fit and healthy , alongside fun Q&A. Whitney’s amazing vibrant personality and positive attitude is expressed and seen through all her videos and posts. Simmons’s confidence and optimism is beyond contagious and will help guide you through your own fitness and health journey. You can also find nice and quick workout videos on her Instagram account (@whitneyysimmons)



Are you looking for an amazing and effective way to grow your booty? That’s Grace for you. Grace has created the most amazing workout and food guide for girls and boys who are looking to start their fitness journey called the gracefitguide which is filled with weight based workouts for building muscle at the gym or at home. Not only that but Beverly has also an amazing line that consists of phenomenal resistance bands , dumbbells , barbell pads , yoga matts , bottles and her own merchandise. On top of that , the blonde is a vegan that believes in absolutely ZERO animal cruelty. On her vlogs, you’ll find her talking about feminism , all types of rights and her university journey. As well as Simmons , you’ll find some workouts on her Instagram account as well (@gracefituk)




Another amazing youtuber dedicated to booty building. Nikki is known for her amazing glutes and her witty personality. Her videos include all types of workouts, full training days and videos with her amazing cats all in LA. Blackketter used to be a professional weightlifter who later on started focusing more on her lower body muscles and building those glutes. Nikki is one of the ambassadors of the sensational sportswear brand “Gymshark” that is sponsored by herself , Whitney Simmons and just a while ago Grace as well. You can find some of her workouts with the great (@mackfit)




Mack is a sensational trainer that trains countless of celebrities, including Nikki B , Madelaine Petsch and Meredith Foster all in Los Angeles. Mack always posts motivational quotes to inspire his viewers alongside some of his own workouts , performed by his clients. He also has his own line of core-sliders which can quite seriously kill you when doing a core or leg workout. Find all of that on his Instagram account (@mackfit)




Alcantara is a certified trainer and in case that name rings a bell , it might be because she happens to train some of the Kardashian Family members. Melissa went through an insane transformation after having her children and letting herself gain weight. Now she is the definition of shredded. Alongside that, she’s a Gymshark athlete and was recently in a collaboration with her own gym , GoldGym and her very own sponsor Gymshark. Mel is your go-to girl if you’re in for building muscle and having a strong core and arms. Her videos are found on her youtube and Instagram channel (@fitgurlmel)




The LA certified trainer is known for his hard work and affirmative results, well seen on the show Revenge Body and his most known client , Michael B.Jordan. MBJ’s work with Calliet was seen in his movie Creed and will soon be even more showcased in theaters in Creed 2. Calliet does not showcase his everyday workouts, however you can catch him on Revenge Body , A workout video with Jasmine Garcia and possibly on his Instagram (@mrcalliet)

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