Kiss Your Period Pain Goodbye With These 6 Foods

By: Fadila

As a person who used to have crazy ass period pains, I always looked for alternatives to painkillers because I wanted a long term solution not a temporary band aid. Before getting into that though, I’d just like to point out that none of those foods fully helped till I quit the following pre my period week; fried/baked foods, dairy, oils, processed animal meat (not just la7ma, chicken, turkey, crab, etc), soda, and legumes. These foods CAUSE inflammation and when on your period, you really should not be asking for more of that. Thus, for something to cure your inflammation, you have to quit the things heightening that, so, quit those foods, whether just for a week or forever, that’s your choice. Instead though, here’s what you SHOULD be eating for a relatively painless Aunt Flo visit.


I am 100% convinced salmon is medicine food. Salmon has a ton of omega 3 fatty acids which are brilliant for your period cramps as they work on relaxing your muscles and steadying your nerves. If you don’t like or don’t eat salmon, that’s ok, plant based alternatives with similar results include walnuts and avocados due to their richness of omega 3.


So, first off, the more bitter the chocolate, the better – like, 77% and up is ok. Why? because anything less has too much sugar which counters the whole point of going painless as it increases inflammation and thus pain. Dark chocolate isn’t for your cramps as much as it is for your mood swings, not only is it rich in antioxidants (which also increase your metabolism), but they’re also a magnesium resource, meaning: hello serotonin, we love you happy hormone, please save our asses from the tears. Another major plus is that it satisfies your mad sugar cravings without giving you much sugar at all 🙂


Ok, idgaf what y’all think but I’m a believer that bananas make you happy, or else monkeys won’t be happy all the damn time. According to scientific facts, bananas are rich in potassium (everyone knows that) and B6 which help boost your mood. Plus, it stabilizes your bowel movement, which is vital when seeking a pain free period. Also reduces bloating…happy fruit.

Pro-Tip: snack time on my period includes a few squares of melted dark chocolate and a sliced banana, you can dip and stuff your face happily – thank me later 😉


Yes I know it makes you kinda bloated, but it’s also rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other vitamins which really really really help ease your period cramps and mood swings. It’s like, period pain miracle superfood!

Sidenote: calcium is good for your painless period goal BUT dairy products are not a good source due to the ton of chemicals and sugars in most dairy products, plus, plant based calcium is only so much better and it comes with less risks.


idk about you guys but as a highly anxious (understatement of the century) person, there’s one thing i’m always craving which a lot of my friends make fun of me for; oranges. It is actually oranges that convinced me of how powerful my body is, as an anxious person, my body craved oranges because they combat anxiety. It’s all about hormone balance. With periods, anxiety and stress levels skyrocket, thus, the calcium and vitamin D in oranges combat PMS symptoms which include anxiety.


Popeye was right, spinach is a miracle food. Throw some in a berry smoothie, have them in your pasta or salad, whatever it is that’ll make you consume spinach, do it. You see, menstruation means lower iron levels in the body, and guess what has iron? yes, spinach. Your sudden iron deficiency is why you crave things like burgers and suddenly find yourself at McDonald’s at 3 AM 🙂 Thus, save yourself the struggle, and just have some spinach for the sake of your uterus.

Well, that’s all on painless period foods today, I hope this helped, if push comes to shove and you need other tips, visit The Basic Bleeding Vagina Help Guide – 5 Steps to Comfort 🙂

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