You Start Truly Living the Day You Dare to Dream

By: Zeinah Hesham

If your dreams don’t scare you, then you’re not dreaming big enough. But what if you’re scared for the wrong reasons? You’re scared that everyone around you is right when they say that it’s better if you take the easy way out and that others have not succeeded with your choices.

It soothes you that you have a better option and knowing that there’s still gonna be a place for you when you study one of the most popular and the easiest major. Knowing that you’re always gonna be okay calms you down and brings you some peace of mind when everyone around you is scared despite being in the exact same situation.

Dreaming is scary. It’s terrifying because one day you’re in a playground with your friends, laughing until you snort and are having a hard time catching your breath but then another day , you’re trying to make the decision of what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life , cramming the information that you need to know for the following test and suddenly you’re applying for university – on your way to becoming an adult and finding your place in this world.

However, there are so many people in this world that can never relate to that because they’re not dreaming big enough or maybe they’re just simply not dreaming. They don’t want anything from life but to live happily and have a decent job and maybe a family and that’s it. No deeper meaning. No metaphor. No deep desires. Just a simple suburban life.

All of this – not dreaming , it’s a concept that always piqued my envy and jealousy. Every day when I look at a book or watch a show that’s science related or see a quote on social media, every fibre in my body is laced with jealousy for those who don’t dream. They don’t get shaken up by fear or self doubt. They don’t have to have an epiphany to realise which dream they should follow. They’re not reminded that the chance of them making it is not even close a one in a million because that’s just simply the way it is.

People like that, don’t have to worry about their intelligence or need to help people because they know that those who want to help are always there. But what if that reassuring feeling was gone?

What if those dreamers got discouraged and couldn’t dream anymore because the world told them that they’re not good enough and it’d be easier to be like the others?

The beauty of dreams isn’t that they’re unrealistic, it’s that they make you want to live them. Dreams  make you want to be who you’ve always wanted to be. Dreams will turn your fear into hope, they can change your life because of one simple thought that over the years became a plan.

One dream can make you believe in yourself. And despite your failures and fear , it will make you believe that you were destined for so much more and besides that, a dream will keep the faith in yourself alive and will make you think that you’re special. And maybe , just maybe , one day everyone else will know it too.

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