8 Reasons to Adopt a Dog – Like, Now

By: Rawan Aboseif


  • He is your person


Yes, I am quoting Grey’s Anatomy, because that is what your dog will be. He is a loyal friend. A person that you can’t live a da without. When you are happy, he gets happy with you. He can be your dance buddy, your sports buddy, sleeping buddy, or even Netflix-and-chill buddy if you want to. When you are sad, he is in grief. He cries when you cry. He wants to patch things up when you are mad at him. He gives you a hug when you cry. He gives you his condolences when you lose your loved one by being quit and staying by your side for support. he simply becomes your true soul mate. He lives for you, and he could die for you.



  • He is Down for Any Activity


Any dog is willing to learn any trick for his owner. You can teach him to play catch, roll around, sit next to you, go for a swim, or basically any other activity you are willing to do with your human friend. He will be delighted to do so. He doesn’t feel burdened or obligated by you. Instead, he feels chosen by you. He feels gifted to have you.



  • He constantly brightens your Life


Have you been feeling down for a while? Well, we have got you covered. A dog that is willing to do anything to make you happy. Want him to be goofy? You got it. Want him to accompany you for a walk? You got it. Want him to be completely silent and just stay calm? You got it. Want him to join you for a workout or some yoga? You got it.



  • Protection Purposes


We can all realize that we need extra protection. A dog protects you till he/she dies. He is willing to face people, guns, poison, and any form of attack just to keep you safe. We’ve heard of the dg that got poisoned while protecting his owner from a venomous snake. While in pain, the dogs always kept a smile on their faces just so you don’t feel his agony.



  • Serving Disabled


People with disabilities need help and support. We have always seen trained dogs that help blind people. So, if you need a dog for someone with disability, you will be giving both the dog and the owner the delight and joy of life, no strings attached.



  • Helping Shelter/Homeless dogs


Homeless dogs nowadays have been trending. You always find people that are willing to let their dogs live on the streets then give them to another owner to take good care of them. Wether he was a stray(baladi) dog from the beginning, or he was a breed, house-owned dog that was left on the streets, they need your help. They have faced horrible days. People have been cruel to them. Their background story must be heartbreaking. So, adopting stray dogs is life saving for our dog and life-changing for you.



  • Gives You a Sense of Responsibility


This new soul that you decide should join you family and live with you coms your new responsibility. You have to feed him, bath him, walk him, brush his hair, take him to the vet, and shortly nourish him. His case is worse than taking care of a human being. A human being can talk; he could say he is hungry, sad, in pain, thirsty, etc. Meanwhile, a dog can’t. He expects you  to b his guardian angel. He expects you to be his voice. He devotes himself to you, and you should do him the same thing.



  • Increases Emotional Intelligence.


Despite the fact that IQ levels are important, EQ, or emotional intelligence, is important as well. Some people do not know how to emotionally bond with others. They don’t know how to attach themselves and love others. A dog can help you with that. A dog can help you solve this issue as much as he can. This resolution has been demonstrated with children who have autism, yet they et their dogs touch hem and they enjoy their company. A  dog is a love-giving machine.

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