Why Girls Compete With Eachother

By: Zeinah Hesham

Have you ever been in a race?

A race is when you’re on a field and you have to run like the wind once you hear the horn. You run and run and sweat and feel like giving up but you keep running because you remember how hard you’ve worked to be the fastest and be the first to reach that finish line. Not only do you have to run but you have to train beforehand and you run many types of races before you go to your most important one.

To answer my question ; yes you have. You might not be aware of it but you’ve definitely been in a race – your entire life actually. Your entire life is based around who’s the best and who can finish the quickest but sadly it’s not as simple as it seems. You don’t only train to run but you train to take your enemy out, find out their weaknesses to take them out no matter how much you care about them and how hard they’ve worked to finish that race.

As women , we grow up in the nature of competition. Society has made us believe that every woman we meet is always some sort of competition that you need to take out or better phrased , every woman you meet is somehow someone you have to be jealous of.

Competition is not always a bad thing when it comes to most things. In fact competition makes us better people when it comes to career , school , drive so basically anything that involves hard work yet we never seem to be threatened by those things as much as we’re threatened by a girl ‘taking’ our place in the eyes of someone we like or perhaps we feel vulnerable due to a girl who is somehow better than us in fields that men (or women) find attractive which leads to feelings like jealousy , envy and hatred which almost always ends badly.

Not only do we get jealous but we strive to take those women down even if they are completely innocent and we start hating them for no reason whatsoever. Instead of supporting each other and seeing the girl in front of us for her amazing skills, personality and looks we start picking at every flaw in her to watch her crumble and fall. Instead of seeing the strong woman in front of us as an inspiration to all women around the world, we see her as someone who wants to take us down and someone who we must hate in order to live.

The beautiful thing about supporting girls is seeing her become a strong person and watching yourself become a much more amazing and strong person who strives to empower other ladies instead of tearing them down. Real women support girls until they become strong women as well.

Sadly enough most women aren’t as selfless as we might think. We treat each other as pieces of garbage that we have to dispose.

We treat other women as competition that we have to get rid of to reach the finish line that has the people we’re attracted to as trophies – just like a race.

After all , sometimes people hate you for the way that others love you.


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