What Missing Your Ex Feels Like and How to Stop

By: Youssra Al Ansary

You’re lying in your bed,

At 2 am, feeling empty, feeling lost,

you start to remember how you used to talk every night for hours, you remember how you used to sleep on their voice, and wake up on their morning texts.

It feels like you’re kicked out from your home, from the only place that accepted and admired all your flaws,

you’re lost with no one to guide you.

Every time you pass by a place where you used to hang out together, the memories hit you, the memories of them holding your hands, playing with your hair,

the feeling of then wrapping their arms around you.

Every time you hear a song which you used to listen to it together, you remember them, how horrible their voice was while singing, and how funny they were while dancing to their favorite songs.

Suddenly everything seemed grey to you, the world has no colors, the life has no meaning, nothing makes sense without them.

You start wondering what you did wrong, weren’t you good enough for them to stay? haven’t you given them everything you got?

You gave them your heart, your soul, your body, your everything and they took all that for granted,

and you still wake up at 2 am remembering the good things they did you, while ignoring how they ruined your life?

You need to stop,

You need to stop remembering how they used to hold your hands gently, and remember how they broke your heart.

You need to stop thinking that you weren’t good enough, because actually you were.

You need to know what you deserve, because then you will realize that they never deserved your love and your attention,

that they didn’t deserve the tears you cried every night,

And the bags under your eyes you woke up with every morning.

You need to stop remembering the good things, and try to focus on how toxic they were to you,

you need to stop checking your phone cause they are not going to text you.

Get rid of everything that reminds you of them, and remember that you’re a whole, you don’t need someone to complete you and they were never really your missing half,

You’re strong with or without them, you don’t need someone to be happy or to feel loved.

Instead of wasting all these energy on someone who doesn’t deserve it, try to focus on yourself, on making yourself happy, on loving yourself until you totally feel loved and confident.

And always remember you don’t need them,

people come and go, and you should always stay the same,

confident, strong, and independent.

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