Both Ways – Yes, Men Are Victims of Sexual Harassment and Abuse Too

By: Hadeel Hatem

Many things can go both ways. Swings, sexuality, pedophilia, and rape. And some things can go only one way, even if you try hard to make it go both ways. Slides, racism, sexism, and homophobia. A woman can rape, murder, and be pedophile as much as a man can be. Just because you consider us innocent and weak creatures doesn’t mean we are. We’re capable of doing horrid things.

Most men are mocked and shamed when they confess that they have been raped by a woman which is why most of them rather stay silent than go through the humiliating process of being ridiculed and bullied. Which is one of the reasons as to why women rape; because no one will believe that a woman can overpower a man.

The point I’m trying to get across is that men also suffer. Men aren’t emotionless robots and shouldn’t be encouraged to become such. If a man is raped your first response shouldn’t be “Oh that’s normal that’s not rape I’m pretty sure you enjoyed it.” If a man cries your first response shouldn’t be “Dude man up! This is so silly.”, and yet you preach that everyone matters and “fuck bullying”. Male suicide rates are so much higher than female suicide rates; yet most of us are unaware of that.

If a woman touches a man in a sexual manner even though he has expressed discomfort no one would do anything and no one would even bat an eyelash towards the scene; yet if it was the woman being touched everyone would protest and would express their disgust and hatred towards the man in every manner possible. Which is pretty hypocritical, but as much as women are treated in a horrid manner and are deemed worthless by media and society in general and that feminism helps us rise and gain our rightful rights what no one pays attention to is that feminism not only tries to make women more independent, but also equalizes women and men. By making women more comfortable at being independent and making men more comfortable at being dependent.

Something else that no one bats an eyelash towards is the new trend of women being “possessive” which includes her banning her boyfriend from being friends with other women and not liking other girls pictures on social media is plain annoying and is nowhere near being relationship goals. It seems that in relationships there’s a thin line between being protective and being abusive. People perceive abuse as only hitting, screaming, and yelling, but there’s so much more than that. Small things such as belittling your someone in front of people or alone is considered abuse and it doesn’t matter if they’re your friend, cousin, brother, etc.

A fact that no one can deny is that there’s nothing that’s only for women and nothing that’s only for men, especially when it comes to jobs, characteristics, and horrid crimes.

And as much as the truth boggles your mind and gives you a headache, it’s simply the absolute truth.

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