Forward Message To… The Finale

By: Hagar Ibrahim

You know, I know and they all know. The actions you take right now might make or break your future. Think wisely before you take any action. Being confronted that your private pictures are all over people’s phones is not a piece of cake and is not something to be easily swallowed, you’ll have to maintain whatever is there of your dignity. What’s worse than everybody knowing is knowing that everybody knows. Knowing that when they look at you,they can see the secrets you hide behind your shirt, they can see the beautifully carved body, they can see something you wanted to gift someone special with. They know. Other than their eyes piercing through your clothes, they’re going to hurdle-jump into conclusions and assumptions. “She probably did what she did because she has been abused” “I think she just wants attention” “I heard her family hates her” “I think she was paid” “Did you hear about that one time she got pregnant and gave herself an abortion at home” and the talk goes on and on and on and on…

In said situation, 3 kinds of people evolve: the ones in denial,the ones that are regretful, the ones that disappear. Those in denial will try to conceal the fact that they are the ones in the pictures by coming up with fake facts such as: “oh but that’s not my room” “My ____ is/are not that big”, they might get some individuals to believe them but at the end of the day not all of them will. Regretful people might disappear for a while. They might quit social media and go change something about themselves, they will usually refuse to talk about what happened and will open up about the topic later on. The ones who disappear will change schools, change their number, change or even permanently delete their social media platforms and will refuse to talk to anyone who knew them around that period of time. They are going to go far and stay far.

In my personal opinion, telling a responsible adult who will know how to support you and solve the problem is the ideal solution but I understand that everyone’s surroundings are different. Telling an adult who is much more experienced than you are might backfire at you but it will at least give a temporary solution to the problem. Adults might contact the parents of the online abuser which will terminate the sharing process, they might even take a legal action towards that person’s family. One more tip is to contact a therapist because leaked private photos and the reaction to them might cause post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), general anxiety, isolation, and depression.

And remember, we all make mistakes but they don’t define how you’ll live your life.

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