6 Tips to Keep Your Anxiety at Bay

By: Hazem Darweesh

One of the problems going on about many people’s daily lives but that’s overly underrated is anxiety. It differs from one person to another, but in the end, it exhausts all to their breaking point; and some of us don’t even know how to control it. Well my dear reader, you don’t have to suffer as much anymore; here’s a couple of notes from a fellow with the same issue as you.

1. A soothing song can keep you strong

Now whether you listen to rap, rock, “sha3bi” or whatever else that’s your taste, nothing’s going to calm your aching mind other than some soothing relieving music; maybe put on some classical. I know I know, you’re going to say that it’s impossible to listen to, but trust me, give it a try when you’re in a moment of distress. It acts as a distraction to keep your mind from wandering off and at the same time, lowering your heart rate and stress hormone levels. If it still doesn’t work for you, just listen to whatever gives you the “feels” and you should be fine.

2.Inhale; Exhale.

As someone who gets more bouts of anxiety than than the cups of water he drinks daily (hydrated is my middle name), this method has always worked for me, no matter what the circumstances are. It’s so simple, yet so relieving. To slow down your heart rate, just concentrate your awareness on your deep slow breaths and you’ll find yourself at your peace zone afterwards.

3.Your arch-enemy: Exercise

Probably just this heading by itself gave you some bad anxiety; take it easy pal. Believe it or not, getting some physical stress on your body actually gets off some mental stress you’ve been packing up there. This can be related to: raising your self esteem about your body, as some of us have experienced anxiety through this. It also raises your sleep quality and lowers the stress hormones. Now don’t give yourself some weak-ass pushups once a week and complain about absence of results, make it a routine; several of times a week to make the best of it.

4.One “Green Tea” a day keeps the anxiety away

There are many supplements out there that can aid with your anxiety but, one common household item is green tea. It’s everywhere around you, thank god for that. It contains antioxidants that have several health benefits, including stress relieving. Speaking of supplements, one other that can help you out if you’re not a fan of green tea (like me) is omega 3 fatty acids! Sorry for being too scientific; Tuna! It’s damn tasty and studies showed it reduces anxiety symptoms by 20%.

5.Stop the “idk” response.

Sometimes at 4 am, I feel a pressure inside my head and my anxiety kicks in out of nowhere; and when ask myself “why the anxiety now?” and I’d find no answer other than “idk”. It really is the worst when you’re suffering and you don’t even know the reason. Well, the first thing you do to prevent this from happening ever again is to note it down. Look from a 3rd perspective at your life and see what can be a source of these constant headaches. Once you list them, take action upon them and try to resolve the matter; just then you’ll say goodbye to the “idk”.

6. “Nos geneih” can be the price of your solution.

This is actually quite true, chewing gum has proven to be one of the simplest and somehow effective ways to keep down your stress level, even for me. Some people say it promotes blood flow to the brain, and some may say it induces relaxed people’s brain waves. It may seem insignificant but, always remember the chiclet’s quote: “el wala haga aham haga”.


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