My Love Wasn’t Enough

By: Hanna Haitham

how long does it take to recover?
do you ever forget their voices
do you ever forget how the reflection of yourself in their eyes felt like
how it felt like the only mirror you could bear to look into

do you ever find inner peace in loss
knowing what could’ve been if that person wasn’t ripped out from under you

do you ever forget that feeling
how you feel like your buried six feet under
ironically, they die but you get to live the rest of your life with jaded broken pieces
pieces they only knew how to fix

do you ever just be
how can you be when the haven you’ve found shelter in is no more
there is no place for you
not in this life

do you ever get over disappointing them
knowing that they would’ve wanted you to move on
and live for them, for you
but you can’t bear to move on because you feel like your body will slowly break with all the pain you’ve held inside

do memories ever seem happy again
will you smile when you think of something they used to do
will you just breathe again
and feel like the weight’s been lifted

do you ever get over the fact that too much was left unsaid
how you didn’t tell them you loved them enough

i love you
i love you
it seems pointless now
but if only you could hear the words
and have them wash you clean
instead of the questions on your mind
burdening your heart

i love you, but it didn’t suffice

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