7 Common Kitchen Ingredients That Make a Super Relaxing Bath

By: Sohaila El Nahas

  1.  Green Tea – Green Tea is packed full of anti-ageing ingredients. Dip your green tea bag into your bath, until satisfied.
  2.  Milk – Milk is great for soothing your skin, and is also great for relieving sunburn.
  3.  Lavender – Lavender is great for relieving stress, reducing inflammation and will also help relieve muscle pain – you can drip some lavender oil, or some dried (or not) leaves into the bath water. 
  4.  Honey – Add honey to your bath, and say goodbye to your dry skin, he natural antioxidants in honey will help your body detox while you soak.
  5.  Olive Oil – Olive Oil is great for cooking food. Did you know adding Olive Oil to your bath will also aid you in building a stronger immunity to viral and bacterial infections?
  6.  Lemons – A lemon bath is extremely refreshing. Thanks to healing agents in Lemons, a Lemon Bath will refresh and revive your tired skin. Not only that, Lemons will also help tighten large pores.
  7. Cinnamon – Adding cinnamon to your bath will remove toxins from your body (especially after recovering from an illness).


Sidenote: Try mixing some of those in one bath. ex: milk and honey (aka the cleopatra bath), cinnamon and honey, lemon and lavender, milk and cinnamon, etc.

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