Why You Tend To Procrastinate… and How To Stop

By: Hedayette

I’ll be completely honest, I was procrastinating to write this article, but then I remembered that the deadline is in a few hours… We all know when we have something to do but always find ourselves saying “I’ll do it in an hour” then eventually that hour turns into a week, then two, then you never get to doing it. So as an ex-procrastinator… well most of the time, I’ll be telling you the secret recipe to get rid of the ‘procrastinator factor’ out of your life RIGHT NOW, yes, not later.

Tip #1: ALWAYS set a deadline and write it down. Without a deadline, you’re more prone to forgetting or not viewing your destined goal as a priority. Setting dates will keep you in check and aware of time and when things need to be done. Writing down things and keeping them in front of you will bring attention to them and remind you that you need to get it done. If you don’t have a set workplace, type it into your reminders section of your phone instead and allow it to send you notifications! We’re always on our phone anyways, usually procrastinating, so now you’ll see what you need to do right from the culprit itself.

Tip #2: Turn off your phone. Yes, you heard me. Phones are one of the major reasons that lead to you procrastinating. Turn the “do not disturb” option on so you won’t get any notifications. I know it’s hard to let go of our phones, but try it while you get your work done, then take all the time you need to reply to texts and to scroll through Instagram.

Tip #3: Take breaks: Now I know what you might be thinking: “Didn’t you just say to work?” Yes I know, but taking breaks is actually necessary in order to be able to do everything properly. Personally, breaks are my motivation to finish what I’m doing to get my next break. You can divide what you need to do into smaller sections, and between every section you can have a break of about 15-20 minutes to relax or get a snack!

Tip #4: Working environment is key.  Where you are completely changes how well, and how fast, you finish what you need to do. So if your room is messy, which you probably procrastinated cleaning, you will overall feel unorganized and demotivated to get any work done. If you’re not someone who can concentrate at home, there are countless cafes all over Egypt that are usually designed for people who need to study and focus!

Tip #5: Imagine how you’ll feel once you do whatever it is you’ve been postponing. Freedom from anxiety. Freedom from nagging pressures. Freedom from self-doubt. Accomplishing put-off tasks will give you a great boost of confidence and energy.

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