That’s Us, Humans

By: Youssra El Ansary

Maybe the moon is beautiful only because it’s far away,

Maybe the sky looks amazing only because you can’t reach it,

Maybe you want him only because you can’t have him,

That’s us, humans,

We imprison ourselves with the idea of reaching the impossible,

She cries herself to sleep every night because she wants him,

She follows him everywhere, she calls him every night,

But once she got him and she got closer to him, she became uninterested;

he’s not impossible anymore, he’s not so far away anymore,

she made it and reached what she wanted, now she’ll go search for another challenge,

for another competition…

Humans are crazy about the idea of reaching the impossible, she did all that just to hear “oh look, the most handsome boy at school fell in love with her but she dumped him”, and that boy kept running after this girl until he got her just to prove that no girl is out of his league, That’s us.

We’re a piece of shit,

We’re selfish,

We judge, we hate, we hurt,

We criticize everyone and every act they do,

We drove that unknown girl in class into killing herself,

We drove that fat girl into starving herself for days,

and that ugly boy into believing that he will never be good enough for anyone,

We categorized our simple life by a lot of complicated shits,

poor and rich,

ugly and pretty,

fat and skinny,

white and colored,

While we are all just the same,

We’re not angels but we’re not devils,

We hate but we can love,

We judge but we can forgive,

We hurt but we can heal,

We make sins and faults but we always ask for forgiveness,

Maybe what I wrote will make you think that we’re monsters but no,

I liked to start with how bad we are so at the end i can tell you that there’s no good and bad,

There are mistakes we can all fall into,

Sometimes there are sins we didn’t mean to commit, there are words we didn’t mean to say,

and acts we didn’t mean to do.

Sometimes we get hurt so much that we choose to strip away our humanity, our feelings,

and instead we follow just our minds.

So yes, we make a lot of bad things but at the end, i can assure you that,

Behind every cold heart there’s kindness,

Behind every player’s attitude is a heart capable of love,

Behind every human who’s searching for greatness a story of rejection,

Behind every bully feelings of anger and a history of being bullied,

Behind every sin we commit, endless nights of regret and pain.

Maybe we’re monsters, maybe we’re not

but we do have hearts and feelings regardless,

at the end of that’s just what we are;

That’s us, humans.

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