Forward Message To…Pt. IV

By: Hagar Ibrahim

It felt like she was always a part of us. We were a system that never broke; we were each other’s go to in a world where you have to choose your friends so wisely, you didn’t feel the enjoyment of making them anymore. Your friends’ actions might concern you but the days you spent together will always debunk any bad thoughts that might pop up into your brain. We are built to protect what we love and those we love, but at some point, all of your mechanisms will just not work.

You’ll keep hearing of what your best friend and her “trustworthy” significant other are doing privately. While people enjoy talking about others and are genuinely curious; the way they perceive things will differ and the way they retell the story will differ as well. You’ll confront your friend and out of fear, there is a high chance they’re going to lie about it. You’ll try to defend them by using the “you don’t know what really happened” or the “you weren’t there” or the “let people be” methods, but they won’t stop.

It will only make sense when your distant friend who knows you’re close to that person tells you that your friend’s significant other has been sharing her pictures with others. You will freeze, it will pierce your heart, it won’t make any sense, your world will turn around, you’ll hate them, you’ll feel pitiful, you’ll feel that you’re responsible, you’ll doubt everything. Is this really happening?

You’ll go back and forth and just try to figure out a plan. But you’ll remember that your friend does not know that you are aware of the situation. You’ll try to hint it to them, but they’ll choose to ignore the grim reality of how they’ll end up being labeled and shamed. You’ll try to come up with a sensitive way to just break it to them without losing it all, but you’ll fail. You’ll just carry the burden of knowing the fact that your friend’s body is the boys’ entire muse. Eventually, when the situation gets out of control, you’ll bluntly tell them what you know and get it off your shoulder.

You’ll cry,

You’ll question,

You won’t know.

To be continued….

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