Every Pound Must Be Valued

By: Rawan Khalil

Currencies; Egyptian Pounds, Kuwaiti Dinars, American Dollars, Turkish Liras, etc, etc. Every country has a currency, and in Egypt the currency is the Egyptian Pound. Every currency can be broken down to different values, in Egypt we have coins valued: as quarter a pound, half a pound, a pound and paper valued: one, five, ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred and two hundred.

For many, what I just stated sounds trivial and stupid, bss walahy it’s so important or is it not w ana extra? What about you judge for yourself- I have questions for you. When was the last time you went and bought something and got back your half of a pound change? When was the last time you went and bought groceries and instead of getting back your one pound change the cashier gave you candy or gum? I don’t know about you, but If you’d claim that never happens to you, it happens to me at least twice a day.


We always aspire to be like Europe and America but we act otherwise, I mean in every country in the world you’d get back every cent you have left. I am not desperate for that one pound, but other people might be. You know if it happens once in a blue moon I would probably shut up about it, but it happens and it happens a lot. One Pound then another Pound, they add up, you know, and for some people who are less fortunate, they might need these few pounds to buy food, clothes and to just live.


In Turkey, the UK, the US and many other countries, if the cashier at any store doesn’t have change whether it’s 10 dollars or one cent they’d go out of the store and get you your change because it’s your right as a customer to pay only for what you bought and to get back your change, without having to get a few pieces of gum to compensate for the one pound that you ain’t getting. Regardless of the power and value of that coin, it’s still part of our currency, it’s part of our money, so why disregard it and treat it as valueless. It became so rare to see el rob3 genieh el ma5room in someone’s wallet or pocket. It’s so ironic and sad that we treat our money as candy!


If you go to the tax exchange in any airport, the person working there would go crazy checking all the recites to ensure that you do not leave that desk without all the money you’re entitled to get back, because it’s what you deserve and not because you’re desperate to get it!


You might be wondering, and what can I do to help make the situation better? Talk to the people who work at stores. Tell them, tell them that you do not like taking candy instead of money. Tell them that in any other country every coin has a value. Tell them that in almost every other country you’d get back every coin regardless of its value. Don’t get angry at them, but talk to them, maybe we can be the reason we see change. Or, what about you try giving them candy for money for an experiment just for the sake of noting the cashiers reacting?!


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