How Come All Men Are “Jerks”?

By: Zeinah Hesham

There are certain stereotypes that this world has set for each gender or sex. For men it is simply the trait that we all know and hate, which is basically the word ‘jerk’. Whether you admit or not (if you’re someone who associates themselves with men) at some point of your life, you’ve cursed men out and said this sentence “Why are all men such jerks?”

Continuously men are forced into these certain stereotypes that go with masculinity like sports, girls and sex. Does anyone ever have a sit-down with a boy and explain to him the importance of consent? The normality of being in love and in a relationship? That the right thing to do is to be faithful and loyal to one woman? That your gender does not define how you should be feeling?

The answer is no.

Men don’t learn that their feelings are okay and the ones that are open with their feelings are always called out for being sensitive or ‘gay’ or as we say ‘soft’.

This entire chaos starts from the first time a guy falls in love. It’s that first time that you say that you love her/him in front of your friends. The first thing that you hear from your friends is ‘Man , you’re so whipped.’ . Supposedly that’s a bad thing – being in love with someone , which is what men spend trying to find after college by the way.

Men constantly get shit all the goddamn time for simply having feelings and slowly that manifests itself into that fear of commitment that somehow all men seem to have or maybe into that jerk that you hate being in a relationship. He could be this fantastic kind and funny guy but then it gets serious and he starts treating you like shit or even starts cheating on you and may God be with you if you’re a guy dating a guy , truly my heart is with you.

Constantly, men are being treated in a way that makes them feel like they can’t have feelings and that’s why they are completely different around their friends , that’s why they are shitty boyfriends and that’s why your heart keeps breaking every single time yet we continue to make them feel that way and neglect them when it comes to any act of sexism or men having the best life in the world.

Granted , men do have better lives than women in many aspects but it still seems as if we continue to blame them for all the things that society has created just like we get blamed for being raped or harassed or anything of that sort.

Honestly , all I can say is that we need to change the way we raise boys and girls. Girls grow up into these independent women and men grow into the same mama’s boys that they continue to be or turn into complete jackasses and that needs to change. We don’t only need to change the way we raise children for equality but just for the heck of having a decent society that consists of good people who aren’t willing to hurt others.

All we need in this world is more good people and less darkness.


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