19 Things Only 2000’s Kids Will Understand

By: Hedayette

It seems like 90s kids get all the love with all the constant “Only 90s kids will remember these amazing things” articles sprouting up every day or so. What about the 2000s kids—the people who were born in the year 2000 and after? Where are their internet articles? Not to worry, born in 2001, I’m here to bring you just that. So get ready to feel oddly nostalgic and be taken down memory lane!

  1. You lied about your age to get onto Facebook, and you don’t regret it.
  2. Your first crush probably rocked an OG Justin Bieber haircut.
  3. You grew up in the golden age of the Disney Channel (Hannah Montana, Waverly Place, Zack and Cody)
  4. Speaking of Hannah Montana… Sometimes, you slip up and refer to Miley Cyrus as Hannah. Old habits die hard.
  5. One Direction isn’t the first boy band you fell in love with. (Hello Jonas Brothers!)
  6. When your coolness level was measured by how many rubber bracelets took up your arm.
  7. When sneakers had wheels.
  8. When butterfly clips were the height of fashion.
  9. You saw all of Adam Sandler’s movies even though your parents didn’t approve.
  10. You went to see “Avatar” and other movies in digital 3D and thought it was amazing.
  11. You used to sneak around and watch movies like “The Hangover” and found out that you were too young to get the jokes but still laughed.
  12. You bought a Wii and a bunch of games but the “Mario” ones were your favorite.
  13. You had a major crush on someone from Disney or Nickelodeon.
  14. You loved kid spy shows and movies like “Kim Possible”, “Spy Kids”, “Agent Cody Banks”, and “Phineas and Ferb”
  15. Your favorite party anthems were “I Gotta Feeling”, “Get This Party Started”, and “Good Girls Go Bad”
  16. You begged your parents to buy you a membership on Club Penguin (RIP lol)
  17. The sun in Teletubbies freaked you the hell out.
  18. Snake on any Nokia mobile was your favorite game to pass time.
  19. Gameboys were everything.

You were just hit by a nostalgia train reading this

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