Her Life is Less Important Than Your Ego

By: Farah Dessouky

‘Gareemet sharaf’ is what the crime of a wife cheating on her husband is called. Recall all the dramatic movies in which the guy catches his wife cheating and loses all the control in the world and kills her. ‘Kheyana mashroo3a’ ‘El hafla’ ‘Wija’ etc.

Because this is what makes him a man right. This is legal in Egypt a man killing his wife under the name of ‘sharaf’. And because supposedly her life’s purpose was to be of service to her husband and once that purpose is defied her life should end…

First you guys can chill because im not here supporting women who cheat, of course not, i think cheating on your partner is the most disgusting thing ever and some people’s biggest regret. But im here against men killing their wives because their ego couldn’t bear the mere thought of being cheated so they decide to not let her exist anymore.

While on the other hand there is a much more simple rational solution, divorce. Or even the annoying words we tell women like ‘howa beyhebek enty fl akher’ or ‘di benesbalo wala haga it’s only physical’ or ‘kol el regala keda’. Forgiving a women who chooses to cheat on her husband is literally never openly on the table because of – again – EGO. Why is it that when a women cheats it’s that sinful huge unforgivable mistake, but when a man does it, you should forgive him?

Death should never be a punishment for anything, this is what i wholeheartedly believe in even the death penalty is something i believe shouldn’t exist. A wife who cheats made a mistake obviously but that mistake does not and will not ever be a justification for her losing her life over fragile AND toxic masculinity. So stop baa vocab like ‘da yedfena makanha’ and ‘haghsel el 3ar’ and this twisted absolute nonsense!

I will say it again and it probably won’t be the last time, we are not god’s soldiers on earth, and we do not exist to punish and decide what is and isn’t right. If we’re going to punish each other according to religion every single minute we might as well stop learning and figuring this life out, and if forgiveness wasn’t an option god would’ve sent us to hell after our first sinful mistake.

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