4 Simple Every Day Tricks to Manage Stress

By: Sohaila El Nahas

Whether it’s stress from finals, family, or simply stress from being stressed all the time, there are small things you can do throughout the day to keep the storm in your brain under control. Fortunately, changes in your diet, sleeping habits, and even the type of exercise you’re getting can all have a positive impact on your mood.

Take 20 Minutes to Relax Each Day

Relaxing here doesn’t necessarily mean watching TV or being on your phone, but doing an activity that will engage the mind. Even if it’s something simple like colouring or journaling or doing yoga. Ideally, everyone should have 20 minutes to a half hour each day just to themselves.

Having a Better Diet

As hard as this one may be (especially for anyone that has a sweet tooth like me), cutting down on sugar and processed food in your diet can also have an impact on helping your mood. If you realize you need 8 cups of coffee to function in your daily life, it may not be easy to quit cold turkey, but slowly reducing the amount of caffeine and sugar you put in your body on a regular basis will also be a factor in helping you feel better.

Getting the Proper Exercise

Although exercise is necessary for health in general, a specific type of exercise, cardio, is known for reducing stress levels. Anything that gets your heart going, like running or biking, can help you relax your mind. Make it a goal to get moving for at least thirty minutes every day. Even better if you can find time to get outside and connect with nature.

Getting enough sleep

This one may seem obvious, but due to the busy schedule most people in general tend to balance these days, sometimes getting enough sleep isn’t a viable option. While most doctors would recommend that adults get around 8-9 hours of sleep on a daily basis, I know plenty of people that are surviving on about 45 minutes. Unfortunately, not getting enough sleep, as many studies show, can lead to increased anxiety and stress. If you find that you don’t have much time to sleep in the first place or there are factors that disrupt your sleep, one way of taking advantage of the time you do have is to turn off all electronics about half an hour before going to bed, since this can help you fall asleep easier.


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